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Banana 10.0.12 - 22054

Released on  Februar 23 2022

  • General
    • Improvements: Subscription dialog
    • Fixed: Print preview windows goes in background
    • Fixed: Line break display in pdf documents
    • Fixed: Translation issues with Xml name of column LetterStart in table Contacts.
    • Fixed: Copy and paste to Excel.
  • Accounting
    • Fixed: Performance issue when entering transactions in multi-currency accounting with many currencies and exchange rates
    • Fixed: Create New Year command convert columns date in table Accounts and Categories.
    • Fixed: Autocomplete does not correctly suggest year 2022.
    • Improvement:  Account selection on the Accounts Card dialog.
    • Fixed : Re add command extract invoice rows in the context menu of Transactions table
    • Fixed: Display error color even on correct lines in the VAT table
    • Fixed: When printing invoice, with the flag update column printed in the Transaction table, may not correctly update the row.
  • Estimates and Invoices application
    • New: Add the column Links in the Estimates and invoices files
    • New: Add the columns fiscal and vat number in the invoices Contacts table
    • Fixed: Rename column Language in LanguageCode
  • Inventory
    • Fixed: Does not calculate the total row in columns Value Begin and Value Current of Items table.
    • Fixed: Missing link for the help button on the account card dialog.
  • Web server
    • Fixed: http request for creating a document.
  • API Javascript
    • Fixed: DocumentChange when creating a column does not set the decimals.
    • Fixed: Method onCurrentIndexChanged() was not visible in sbaa packages.
    • Fixed: Methods validateParams() and restoreDefaultValues() on Banana.Ui.openPropertyEditor class does not reset empty values.
  • Other small fixes.
  • Based on Qt 5.15.8.

Banana 10.0.11 - 21349

Released on  December 15 2021 on Microsoft Store

Banana 10.0.10 - 21294

Released on  October 21 2021

  • General
    • New: Copy rows command also copies the column headers to the clipboard.
    • New: The auto-complete feature for account numbers, links and VAT codes, uses a space as a combined search separator.
    • New: Markdown syntax for attachment files (Advanced plan only).
    • New: Rename command improvements (Advanced plan only).
      • The Rename feature is also available in the Items table for the Assets management (double-entry), in the Inventory and in the Fixed Asset Register applications.
      • The Rename command used in the Link or DocLink columns, also renames the original file name in the directory in which it is saved.
    • New: Possibility to define the spacing between rows in tables (Tools menu→ Program options).
    • New: The Duplicate rows command now also includes colors formatting.
    • Fixed: When using the Create pdf command from File menu and printing all the account cards the pdf index is now correct.
    • Fixed: When using linked tables the correct visibility of the Description column is now restored.
    • Manage extensions dialog: when opening the dialog the language filter is cleared.
    • Fixed: A wrong behavior of some modal dialogs has been corrected.
    • When creating a pdf, the images saved within the file (logo, items pictures, etc.) are automatically reduced to minimize file size.
  • Accounting
    • Fixed: Account balances visualization in the charts has been corrected.
    • Fixed: The F6 Copy row command with similar text now also resumes the value of the VAT Type column.
    • Fixed: The Create New Year command in Actions menu doesn't increment anymore date of birth in the Accounts table.
  • VAT functionalities
    • New: The Reverse Charge VAT operation is now possible on a single transaction row.
    • Fixed: from the VAT Report table is now possible to go back to the the original row in Transactions table.
  • Customers/Suppliers
    • New: When manually resizing the Invoice column, the program now saves and resumes the user's changes
    • New: It is now possible to display the content of the Notes column, the Doc column and custom columns in the Invoice tables.
    • New: Adds exchange rate adjustments to the open invoice list
  • Integrated Invoicing
    • New: In the docType column of the Transactions table, new type possibilities have been added: 10:ordn (order number) and 10:ordd (order date).
  • Estimates and Invoices application
    • New: Context menus have been added to the Invoice table
    • Fixed: The unit price and the discount are now displayed correctly
    • New: It is now possible to enter a unit price, a discount and the quantity with more than 2 decimal digits
    • Fixed: The invoice preview now updates if changes of the supplier data are made (File menu → File and accounting properties)
  • API Javascript
    • New: The new task attribute create.init has been added
    • New: In Banana.Ui.OpenPropertyEditor the option 'ignore warnings/errors' has been added
    • New: The TransactionDate column has been added to Banana.Document.invoicesCustomers() and Banana.Document.invoicesSuppliers() 
    • Fixed: the openDirDialog attribute under Windows now works correctly
  • Several minor changes
  • Based on Qt 5.15.7


Banana 10.0.9 - 21138

Released on  May 18 2021

  • General
    • New table commands in the Edit Menu:
      • move lines up (Alt + Up Arrow)
      • move lines down (Alt + Down Arrow)
    • New table shortcuts:
      • move cursor to previous position (Alt + Left Arrow)
      • move cursor to next position (Alt + Right Arrow)
    • New Appearance Menu:
      • Possibility to show/hide the various elements of the main window
      • Possibility to select the Dark or Light Mode theme
        (Windows-Appearance-Display theme)
    • Application directory changed from appdata/local to appdata/roaming
    • Duplicate Rows: Update the selection by highlighting all duplicate rows
    • Renamed the Gr column header to SumIn
    • Fixed: When creating a new file only the column DocLink will be generated in the transactions table. If the columns Links exists, is removed and data is move to DocLink.
    • Fixed: search next command  returned 'Text not found' with a single occurrence
    • Fixed: double click on column to resize it did not activate the Save button
    • Fixed: problem downloading google contacts
    • Fixed: Rename Account command in the Income and Expense Accounting did not update the transaction
    • Fixed: Dialog Subscription does not display proxy error
    • Improvements to the layout of the dialog Account Card: descriptive accounts were not aligned correctly in the listbox
    • Improvements to the layout of the dialog About
    • Improvements to the layout of the dialog Create New Year
    • Improvements to the layout of the dialog File New
    • Improvements to the layout of the dialog Subscription
  • Segments
    • Fixed: When adding the segment column to old accounting files, it did not capitalize if necessary.
    • Fixed: There was no warning when inserting a non-existent segment in the segment column
    • Fixed: If the segment separator "-" was selected, the segment account card did not appear.
  • Integrated invoicing
    • Fixed: Customers invoices corrections on invoice's lines with no amount and vat code 0% (the lines were ignored)
    • Fixed: Customers invoices corrections on invoice's lines of type Note (10:not) or Parameter (10:par) with amounts (the amounts were ignored)
  • Invoices and Estimates
    • Fixed: rounding difference in the invoice total
    • The field LetterStart has been renamed to NamePrefix in German translation
  • Inventory
    • Amount correction in the Items table, column TotalAmount
  • API Javascript
    • New extension attribute @visibility
    • Changes to the Banana javascript object Banana.application.license, which returns the new property isWithinMaxFreeLines
    • Banana.Ui.OpenPropertyEditor: added calendar popup for type date and improvements to the layout of the dialog
    • Android
      • Fixed access to file provider under Android
    • MacOS
      • Fixed Dark Mode theme on macOS
    • Several minor changes
    • Based on Qt 5.15.3


    Banana 10.0.6 - 210118

    Released on  January 18 2021

    • General
      • New shortcut Ctrl+D for the command Duplicate rows.
      • Dalogue size correction on HDPI screens.
      • Added the Delete rows command in the context menu of the tables.
      • Improved dialogue and help for managing subscriptions.
      • Fixed loading of user fonts.
      • Fixed copy and paste of a row or data from  Microsoft Access.
      • Added new way to save a most secure password.
      • Improved compatibility with macOS dark mode.
      • Improved translations.
    • Accounting
      • The opening balances of the segments are reported correctly.
      • In the cash manager accounting budget, double clicking on the line number takes you back to the correct source line
      • When adding a new account, the Gr1 and Gr2 columns are filled in automatically.
      • The payment date of an invoice recorded over several years is indicated correctly.
    • Invoicing
      • Improved the speed of printing invoices and reminders.
    • Invoices and estimates
      • Fixed the blank invoice preview.
      • Fixed the Print Invoice command not visible.
      • Added field for inserting the discount to the invoice.
      • Added in the settings the parameter validity in days of the estimates.
      • It allows you to copy and paste invoices and estimates.
    • Inventory
      • Correction in the Items column, when clicking the Account card symbol for the selected article.
      • Several improvements.
    • Several minor changes and improvements.

    Banana 10.0.5

    Release for mobile (iOS, Android)

    Banana 10.0.4 - 201111

    Released on November 11, 2020

    • General
      • The start page opens quickly even if there are inaccessible network files.
      • Improved subscription information display and dialog.
      • Fixed occasional interruption in cell editing.
      • Improved translations.
    • Accounting
      • The balances of the Accounts table are updated taking into account the new segment column.
      • Icon for opening account tab on the new segment column.
      • In the Budget Table, warning if a date has the wrong millennium.
    • Cash Manager and Icome and Expenses Accounting
      • The Horizontal Page Printing setting displays correctly when there are many columns.
    • Invoices and estimates
      • Copy Paste function from rows also takes values from the invoice.
      • Improved dialog window.
    •  Several minor changes and improvements.

    Banana 10.0.3 - 201015

    Released on October 15, 2020

    • General
      • Close File command, closes window without repeating the command.
    • Accounting
      • When it creates a new file from a template, it replaces the dates with the current year's dates.
      • When it creates a new Multi-Currency Accounting file, if you change the base currency, it also sets the currency in the Accounts table.
    • Invoices and estimates
      • Expiry date column for estimates has been added
    • Several minor changes and improvements.

    Banana 10.0.2 - 201013

    Released on October 13, 2020

    • General
      • Fixes automatic saving.
      • Matching of extensions to files, so that when you open the template it also automatically installs the indicated extensions.
    • Accounting
      • The Create New Year feature allows you to report segment balances as well.
    • Timesheet
      • Adds columns for automatic calculation Supplement.
      • Ability to use additional columns to calculate work time and absence.
    • Labels
      • Corrects the printing of labels on a horizontal page.
    • Several minor changes and improvements.

    Banana 10.0.1 - 200918

    Released on September 18, 2020

    • First version 10 release.

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