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The Banana Insider Program is a community of Banana+ fans who get to be the first to see what's next. Banana Insiders run previews of Banana Accounting Software Insider Preview Builds, then allows users to give feedback and engage directly with our engineers to help shape the future of Banana+.

Version Date Size Download Windows January 22, 2021

29 MB

Banana+ Dev Channel for Windows (64bit)

New functionalities

The dev-channel version include all functionalities of the release version, plus the following.

What are channels?

We release Preview builds to you through channels, which are each designed to bring you a different experience. When choosing a channel, you should keep in mind how stable you need your work environment to be , what level of issues you can handle, how early in development you'd like to see features and changes, and whether or not you need support.

  • Release channel: This is the stable software release. It's updated roughly every 2–3 months.
    Release channel is available in the main download page.
  • Beta channel: The Beta Channel is perfect for early adopters who want to see what's next or to validate the latest Banana updates and features, but still need reliable updates that are validated by Microsoft.
    Your feedback will be especially important here, since it will help our engineers make sure that key issues are fixed before major releases. Currently there is no Beta channel.
  • Dev channel:

    The Dev Channel is perfect for advanced users who love to be the first to see the latest features and updates .
    You'll be seeing builds directly from the active development branch in the Dev Channel, so they aren't matched to a specific release. This means that these builds may simply be the latest work-in-progress code from our engineers. New features and improvements in this channel will show up in future releases when they're ready.

Decide what channel to use

You decide what channel to use by installing the version you need.

  • Download the installer file and execute the software on your computer.
  • The installation will preserve your accounting files, settings and licenses.
  • On your computer you can only have one channel at a time.
  • The installation of a different channel will overwrite the existing one. 
  • The channel is displayed on the application title bar.
    In Help menu  → About Banana Accounting+ you get the full release information and expiration date.
  • We remind you that it is always important to backup your files. Especially when using the Beta and Dev channels. 

Beta and Dev Channel

Expiration date

Banana+ Beta and Dev channel releases have an expiration date, just because we want our users to always work with the latest version. Before the expiration date we will make available a new release, with a new expiration date.

Added features

  • Includes all features of the most recent Banana+ Release
  • The added features are to be considered experimental. 
  • reserves the right to modify, add or remove features without previous notice.
    It is also likely that a number of features found in the Dev Channel version will be made available against the payment of a surcharge.
  • We decline all responsibility for the use of these new additional features.

System requirements and installation

  • Windows version: Windows 10, 8.1
  • Mac version: Mac OSX 10.15, 10.14, 10.13
  • Linux version: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or more recent versions; other supported distributions. On Ubuntu 16.04 OpenSSL 1.1.1 is required.
  • 180 MB of disk space
  • Internet connection to access the Help function and to activate the product.
  • A valid Email address to activate the product.
  • We advise you to create copies of your original files.


    For support requests or in order to send us your feedback, please use the contact form.
    For other information, take a look at our Support page.

    Change history Dev Channel

    Banana+ Dev Channel 10.0.7 - 210122
    Released January 22, 2021 - Expires on July 31, 2021

    • Includes all changes up to version 10.0.6
    • New commands:
      • move lines up (Alt + Up Arrow)
      • move lines down (Alt + Down Arrow)
    • New shortcuts:
      • move cursor to previous position (Alt + Left Arrow)
      • move cursor to next position (Alt + Right Arrow)
    • New extension attribute @visibility
    • Changes to the Banana javascript object Banana.application.license, which returns the new property isWithinMaxFreeLines
    • Inventory: Amount correction in the Items table, column TotalAmount
    • Different minor changes
    • Based on Qt 5.15.2

    Banana+ Dev Channel 10.0.5 - 201215
    Released December 15, 2020 - Expires on July 31, 2021

    • New : Reverse Charge VAT registration possible in a single transaction row.
      You can now enter two VAT code for each transaction, separated by ":", provided that the second fully compensate the first one.
    • New  Import of external data, like XML, CSV or other formats, possible using the new Converter format.
    • New: Banana API: the dialog openPropertyEditor can validate data through the new method validateParams()
    • New: Menu Window > Appearance
      You can now choose if an interface element should be visible. 
    • Fixed: Slow printing of invoices and reminder.
    • Fixed: Different small bugs int the Estimate and Invoice application.
    • Fixed:  If the invoice was recorded on several year, the Invoice payment date was not set with the last one. 

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