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You wish to learn how to manage your accounts on computer?

  • You wish to take charge of your company or personal accounting.
  • You are in the process of taking a course in accounting and wish to practice with an appropriate Software.
  • You are looking for fast track understanding of Double-Entry accounting.
  • You would also like to learn about setting up a financial planning.
  • The Software you are using is:
    • Not suitable to keep accounting.
    • Not designed to allow you to exercise on your accounting.
    • Not compatible with your computer.
    • Providing a time limited license.

Banana Accounting is the Software that will allow you to learn accounting

  • Similar to Excel: there's no time wasted in teaching a new mode of use. Students can start using the program instantly..
  • You will learn accounting more easily: calculus is not needed anymore and you will be able to focus on the accounting mechanisms.
  • Tailor-made for teaching: teachers can easily integrate it into their own course, creating examples and tailored exercises.
  • It makes down to earth teaching available: students can see the impact and results on the balance sheet and the income statement, immediately.
  • You learn about accounting Software: students will learn to understand the logic of accounting Softwares and how to use them. 
  • You learn while practicing accounting: students will instantly see the results of transactions on the balance sheet and the income statement.
  • Highlighting the mechanisms of Double-Entry accounting: get used to accounting techniques in an effortless way. 
  • Business planning: teaching how to create a business plan for a startup.
  • Learn for free: with the Banana Accounting Free Version you will be able to use all the features for an unlimited time and save the file for up to 70 transaction lines.
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS: Banana Accounting is available for the main operating systems and the individual files are editable, disclosable and interchangeable.
  • Cloud a/o local: Saving Banana Accounting files are possible on either a local drive or the Cloud. Students can also practice without being connected to the Internet.

How does it work


Banana Accounting has enabled tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to learn and manage their accounting.

Banana Accounting has become the Accounting Software used in all runs of schools in Switzerland, one of the leading nations in the field of education. It is also used in several other schools worldwide.

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