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Financial situation under control

You need to setup you chart of accounts in the Accounts table: setup the accounts and the groups where the accounts must be totalized. With this operation you create the accouts that will be used when entering the transactions. The chart of accounts structure is the same that will show in all Balanche sheet and Profit & Loss statement presentations.
In the Accounts table there are also the columns of the initial balances, movements and current balance, which are automatically updated by the program.
The chats of accounts therefore provides an immediate and complete view of your financial situation.

  • Liquidity accounts
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & Loss statement
  • Result of the current year
  • Clients and Suppliers register
  • Cost and Profit Centers

Different kinds of rows and sections

The Accounts table (charts of accounts) is both the setup tool and the viewing tool for the economic and financial situation.

In the chart of accounts (Accounts table) all data necerrary to group the mouvements are entered:

  • Accounts
    They indicate on what account (debit ore credit) the transactions must be registered.
    Each account has a code or number (account number), a description, a class and a group to which it belongs; they also have an opening balance, the current balance, the budget, etc...
  • Costs and Profits centers
    They are special accounts whose number is preceded by a full stop ".", a comma "," or by a semi-colon ";". Their purpose is to be able to assign some amounts to special accounts other than the basic accounting accounts.
  • Segments
    They are a sort of sub-accounts who's number is preceded by a ":". Their purpose is to be able to assign some transactions to subcategories of the accounting plan.
  • Groups
    Their purpose is to create rows where the program adds up the amounts of other rows.
  • Sections
    They indicate the accounting plan divisions for the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement printouts, ...

Trial Balance sheet

At any time, positioning yourself in the Accounts table and using the Print or Print preview commands (from the File menu), you can view and print the account plan or part of it.
Also from the Accounts table, if you select Movement view, you can view and print your trial balance sheet.

Advanced printouts

The following commands allow the user to display and print the accounts in a different way:

This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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