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The account card gives a complete list of the accounting transactions for an account listed on the Chart of accounts. There are two ways to open an account or a category card:

  • On the account number cell there is a small blue arrow; click on it just once in order to obtain the account card

  • Select the Account/Category Cards command (Cash book and Income & Expense accounting) or Account Cards command (Double-entry Accounting) from the Account1 menu, in order to open, print all accounting card or just some of them.

New: update the accounting card
The account card table is temporary and it is calculated when the command is given to do so. If transactions are altered or added, they are not automatically updated on the account card - the user needs to select the Account Cards command again or click on the account number blue arrow again or click on the small Refresh button on the left side.

From the account card, double-click on the row number to go back to the original line on the Transactions table.


The contra account in the account cards
In the Account cards, the Contra Account column (C-Acct.), which indicates the account that completes the transaction, is being shown.
When there are transactions on multiple accounts (transactions on multiple rows), and there is one account entered in debit and several accounts in credit, or the other way around, the software deducts the possible contra account using the following logic:

  • The first transaction row is considered the contra account of the transactions that follow.
  • On the Account card of the first transaction row, the contra account is indicated with the [*] symbol, which means that we are dealing with a transaction on multiple accounts.
  • On the Account cards of the next transactions, the contra account is indicated between square brackets ("[1020]"), and indicates a deducted contra account.

In this case it is not possible to have the contra account shown in the account card because the 1020 accounts has multiple contra accounts. For this reason in the contra account column the program shows the [*] symbol.

If however you click on one of the accounts with the same contra account, this will be shown in between [ ]:


Print all account cards
From the Account1 menu choose the Account cards command; activate the desired options (for ex. period, 1 account per page, ...) from the different tabs, and then press OK.

For the explanations of the different tabs, please visit the next few pages.
The program will show the selected account cards.

In order to print choose the Print command from the File menu. If you have to change some account cards option, you can directly access the command from here by clicking on the Refresh symbol indicated by the arrow.

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