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The Composition tab allows to save different setups, that can be used at a later date.

How to obtain Compositions

Compositions can been obtained mainly through the Account1 menu when it is about the Enhanced Balance sheet, the Enhanced Balance sheet with groups, the Reports and the VAT report, and from the File menu for the compositions concerning Create Pdf dossier and Export file. 

Once the document to be created has been chosen, click on Default; continue selecting the appropriate settings and in order to save the configuration, go to the Composition tab and save under a new name.

Enter a name to identify the composition (for instance, Quarterly Report).

Enter the description for the composition.

Open settings dialog
If activated (default), when selecting a composition from the menu, the dialogue for editing the settings will be shown. If not activated, the preview of the requested report (Balance sheet, report, etc.) will be shown directly.

Read only
If this option is activated, it will not be possible to edit the settings.

This function allows to reset a composition with the default settings. If you want to restore the earlier settings, and cancel the last edited settings, use the Undo command from the Edit menu. 


Each created composition appears in the menu of the corresponding command and can be modified, renamed, duplicated or deleted with the Manage compositions command of the Account1 menu.