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The External Report is a file type that allows the user to define groupings for the preparation of accounting reports different from the usual groupings provided in the Chart of Accounts.

The External Accounting report can be executed through the commands Accounting report and the Enhanced Balance sheet.

How to create an External Accounting report

  • In order to obtain an External accounting report, it is necessary to create a file that is outside of the accoutning: File menu, New, Double-entry accounting,  Accounting Report

  • You can select a preset example (External accounting report) and modify according to your needs, or you can choose a new blank file
  • Save the file under a new name


How to create the structure in the external accounting report

The Accounting report file contains the same columns that are being used to create Groupings and totals in the Chart of accounts.

Groupings by account number

With the Experimental version (and from on Banana 7.0.5), a new grouping method can be used, based on the account number. With this method, in the Account column of the External accounting report, enter the account number that you want to recover of the main accounting and the desired description.

This method doesn't require any modification of the main accounting (entering the groupings in the GR1 or GR2 columns) and makes it possible to enter the same account in the External accounting report. This is the recommended method from on version 7.0.5.

The program automatically applies this method when the Account column has been used in the External accounting report.

Groupings by group

This method of grouping is being based on the Group column of the External accounting report and the Gr1 or Gr2 column of the main accounting. The Group column of the External accounting report will be used to recover the accounts of the main accounting or to define the totals of the report. With this method, enter the Gr1 or Gr2 symbol of the accounts of the main accounting that one wishes to recover in the group column, or the symbol of a total of the report.

In order to apply this method, it is necessary to modify the Gr1 or Gr2 columns of the main accounting. Furthermore, each account can only be receovered one single time in the Extrenal accounting report.

The program automatically applies this method when the Account column of the External accounting report has NOT been used.


The columns

Section Column
This column is being used for printing the Enhanced Balance sheet. See Sections.

Group Column
The grouping code (for grouping by group number) or the code of the desired total is being entered here. 

Account Column
The code of the account (for the grouping by account number) is being entered here.

Description Column
Description for the grouping or of the row itself.

Gr Column
In the Gr column is being indicated in which total the row has to be totalized.

Tot Column
If the word "Yes" is being entered, only the Total row is being displayed and not the accounts that are a part of this total.
Please look at 'Show groups totals only' in the Accounting report.


Keep Column
Usually, the totalization rows that have the accounts with the balances are included in the report.
If you indicate "Yes" in this column, the row is always displayed. This can be applied both to the totals and to the accounts.

With mov. Column
The row is displayed not only if there is a balance, but also when there are movements in the period. This can only be applied to the totals

Entering the External accounting report groups into the Chart of accounts

This operation is necessary only if the grouping method by group is being used.

In a grouping column of the chart of accounts, indicate the group in which the account must be totalized.

Without this pairing the account will not be included in the report.

Open the accounting file and, in the Accounts table, apply the groupings of the external report to one of the following columns: Gr1 or Gr2 column. If the Gr1 or Gr2 column is not visible, use the Columns setup command from the Data menu.

Calculating the external report

In order to obtain the External Accounting report, choose the Accounting reports command from the Account1 menu and, in the dialog window that appears choose the External accounting report option.

A table with the group and the divisions which are specified will be obtained



Result with the Account1 command - Enhanced Balance sheet with groups

It is also possible to get a formatted print of the Accounting Report formatted using the Account1-Enhanced Balance sheet by groups command.