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The Rename command is a very useful tool in Banana Accounting Plus. It is accessed from the Data menu and allows you to edit an account, a VAT code, an item code or a link in your accounting without having to search and replace manually each match.

In Banana Accounting Plus this feature is only available with the Advanced plan, or in the Professional and Free plans with Advanced plan in demonstration mode (70 transactions)Switch now to the Advanced plan.

The Rename command renames the account number, the category (Accounts and Categories table), the VAT code (VAT Codes table), and items code (Items table) or a link (Link or DocLink columns) with the new text indicated in all the tables in which it is found or used (all tables and basic data). When renaming links, this feature also updates the name of the liked file in the directory where it is saved.


To rename:

  • Position the mouse on the cell to be modified (account number, category, VAT code, link)
  • Click on the menu DataRename
  • In the window displayed, enter the new reference you wish to assign.

Subsequently the program:

  • Verifies that there are no identical account or group numbers; if there is an identical number, the program triggers a warning message, asking if you wish to pursue anyway. If you confirm, there will be an error message.
  • Searches where the account number to be renamed is used in the tables and verifies that the rows are not protected or blocked; if the rows are blocked it warns that it cannot proceed with the renaming.
  • Renames the account number, in all places where it is used, Tables and File and accounting Properties, with the newly specified account number.

It is not possible to have two identical account numbers in the Chart of Accounts. The program does not perform any recalculation, it simply renames the account numbers.

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