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In order to import the rows, click on Data → Import Rows command.

Activate the options of your choice in the following window:

importa righe

File name

Using the Browse button, select the file from which to extract the data.


This area contains the list of formats with which it is possible to import the data to the table. These include: ASCII format, Text, CSV.
Select what you need.


Import data from clipboard

By selecting this box, the user can import data from the Windows clipboard.

Autocomplete values

It is advisable to select this function when it is necessary to import rows from a less complex accounting file into a more complex one. In this case, in the imported rows, some columns will stay blank. By selecting this function, the program will automatically complete the missing values with those from the current accounting.

Column headers

 By selecting this box, not only data, but field headers will be included in the import.

Unicode (Utf-8)

By selecting this box, all the data will be imported in a format readable by Unicode programs.

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