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The apps for Dropbox smartphones and other data synchronization applications, also allow you to scan receipts and save them directly in pdf format, in addition to allowing you to share files. Compared to a single photo, they cut out the contents, they use the pdf format. and allow you to insert multiple documents in the same file.

Scan documents with Dropbox

  • Start the Dropbox application (other systems have equivalent functions, which you can easily research on your mobile).
  • Use the "Scan Document" command.
  • Take a picture of the document. To facilitate automatic cropping, insert the receipt in a transparent map that contains a coloured or black sheet.
  • Several commands are at your disposal in the preview
    • If necessary, use the Rotate Image command to be vertical.
    • You can add another page by repeating the scan.
  • Choose the pdf format.
  • Type the file name using the date you find on the document.
    If you do not have your own filing system, use the year-month-day format, the name of the counterparty and a possible observation (ex.: 2022-01-15-Telecom-invoice.pdf ".
  • When the file is synchronized on your computer.
  • The Open link command opens the digital document
    We advise you to create the accounting documents folder in a child location compared to where your accounting file is located.

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