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Library and collections is included in the Banana Accounting Plus version. It is the easy and innovative solution to organize books, loans, contacts and collections and, have all the lists instantly available for effective control. You can monitor loans, expiration dates and return dates or simply to put in place perfect order in your home library.

Multiple functions for a digitized and efficient organization:

  • Fast data entry.
  • Categorization by user groups.
  • Retrieve book details from Google with ISBN.
  • Copy and paste book list from Excel.
  • Quick searches by title, author, keywords, user or user group.
  • Internal planning with the Diary (library shifts, annotations or new orders to be made).
  • Loan management.

Accounting setup

  • Headers and basic data set in a single dialog box, easy to visualize.
  • Headings with free texts.
  • Default address fields
  • Language settings.
  • Link to extensions for customizations.
  • Password to secure your Library file.
  • You can have multiple files in different languages.


In the Library and Collection files there are several tables that allow you to always have data in order and easy to retrieve.

The tables are as follows:

Groups Table - where the groups are defined, according to the subdivision of users you require.

Contacts Table - where user data is entered: name, tel, email, ....

Items Table -  items are entered: valuables, books or other.

Loans Table - manage the loaned items, the expiration and return dates.

Diary Table - to enter daily notes and link them to a specific contact, for example librarians' shifts.

File and data saving

Error reporting and control

Reports and printouts

Everything you see on the screen can be printed or saved in pdf format.

Use the Library Books Report extension to get:

  • Prints of the complete catalog of books in pdf, to be published on the website.
  • Print the contact sheet with the books still on loan (to be sent as an attachment when making reminders).
  • Customizable column arrangement.
  • Print non returned items.
  • Printing of the labels with the codes for the spine of the books.
  • Print return labels inside the book.
  • Print updated list of books not yet returned.

Data export and archiving

Other features

Added functionalities


Comprehensive documentation


Other useful commands

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