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    The BananaApp (developed following the specifications provided by the Swiss Red Cross association) creates a transaction voucher report for the given doc number, with details of the selected transaction and other information.

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    This Banana App was developed following the specifications provided by the Swiss Red Cross association.

    The apps creates a report with details of the transaction for the selected voucher number.

    Accounting settings

    Two settings are required:

    • the Header Left
      • click menu File -> File and accounting properties... -> Header Left
        The Header Left field must contain the project number and the project name divided by the "-" character (example: "1234 - Abc")
    • add a small image/logo
      • click menu Tools -> Add new functionalities... -> Add Document table -> Ok
        This will add a new table "Documents" in the accounting file
      • in the column "Id" of the documents table insert transaction_voucher_image
      • in the "Attachments" column double click on the cell, select Image and add the desired image

    How it works

    1. From the transactions table of the accounting file select a row with the desired Doc. number.

      For example:

    2. Launch the app from the menu Apps and a dialog window requesting some information will appear.
      • The voucher number is taken from the row selected where the cursor is positioned, but you can change it manually.
      • Complete all the remaining fields by entering your data and click Ok.
        The values entered are proposed the next time.

        Dialog example:

    3. The App will print the information enterd in the dialog plus the data of the transactions with the specified Voucher / Doc. number .

      For example:



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