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    Trial Balance with transaction's lock blockchain information


    This app creates a report containing the table Accounts and at the end the blockchain info regarding the last transaction locked.

    The Banana App creates a report containing the table Accounts and the blockchain information regarding the transaction lock of the previous period and of the current period.

    This printout has been conceived for a customer that has central SAP accounting and use Banana Accounting locally, to keep accounting for at more than 40 schools. Each school keep their own accounting and every 4 months the data is integrated in the main accounting system.
    In order to assure that the information is perfectly synchronized:

    • The school lock the transactions so that each movement is marked with a blockchain. 
    • The school print the report using this BananaApps, with the data and the blockchain info of the current and last period.
    • Prior to entering the data in the main system, the responsable verify that the blockchain of the last period already entered is the same as the one printed on the current report.

    Personal at the schools can easily manage their finance locally and have more details and better control over the spending.  Data is only entered in the main system periodically. The organisation have a better accounting system and save a lot of money in training and SAP licenses.


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