DocType column

In this column you can enter special rows into the invoice, like subtotals, notes, or a different invoice address.

Printing of a credit note

To print out a credit note, use the Print invoices command and simply alter the title to Credit Note from Invoice.

  • Create your document, as if it were a regular Invoice by indicating it's number in the Invoice column. Accounts will be attributed accordingly for your credit note, i.e. amounts will appear in negative.
  • To change the title of your document, add a row in the Transactions table as follows:
    • Enter the date identical to the one used in the document you have just created in the Data column of Transactions
    • Enter the number of the created document, corresponding to your Credit note, in the Invoice column
    • Enter '10:' in the Type column and select Title in the drop-down men-; 10:tit should be displayed. 
    • Enter the title of your document in the Description column, 'Credit Note', in this case.
  • Print your document with the Account2>Customers>Print invoices ... command.


In order to enter subtotals or payment terms into the invoice, you need to add additional transaction rows in the Transactions table.

  • In the Type column enter '10:' and from the drop down menu choose Total; the text 10:tot will show. Enter ":" once again and select Total 1
  • In the Description column, enter the appropriate description for the total (for example, Total merchandise).
  • Enter the invoice number (mandatory if you want the total to be printed).

Specific payment terms per individual invoice

In order to enter payment terms into the invoice, you need to:

  • Enter an extra row with the same invoice number into the Transactions table.
  • In the Type column, enter '10:' and from the drop-down menu choose Terms; the text 10:ter will show.
  • In the Description column, enter the text (for example, 30 days, 60 days).

When the invoice will be printed, the entered value will be shown as the term for payment .

All the options Document Type 10: column: (invoice)


10 :adr :fna;First name
:lna;Last name
:bna;Business name
:str1;Street 1
:str2;Street 2
:str3;Street 3
:cod;Postal code

Invoice address that is different from the one indicated in the Accounts table, Address View

10 :gre   Greetings
10 :not   Note
10 :ter   Payment terms
10 :par   Parameters
Go to: Printing custom data
10 :tit   Document title
The title 'Invoice' can be replaced by another wording, for example 'Price Quote'.
10 :tot :0;Total Level 0
:1;Total Level 1
:2;Total Level 2



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