Transactions with different VAT codes

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New Swiss VAT rates 2024

New VAT rates go into effect on 01.01.2024. Choose Banana Accounting Plus Advanced plan for a smooth transition.

Key benefits

  • Automatically import the new rates into the VAT Codes table.
  • Receive the VAT Statement in paper facsimile format or as an XML file ready for upload to AFC.
  • Dramatically reduce your work time with advanced built-in features.

With Banana Accounting 9

  • You CANNOT automatically import new 2024 VAT Codes; you can enter them manually. 
  • You CANNOT create the VAT Statement , but you can get the VAT Report from the Account1 menu command.

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When the total amount of an invoice is composed by several amounts with different VAT percentages, you need to register as follows:

  • each amount with a specific VAT percentage needs to be entered on a different row with its own VAT code (enter the gross amount)
  • once you finish the multiple registration, check that the sum of the differents amount and the VAT amounts correspond to the invoice total.

Here is an example:

If in your invoice you also have some items VAT exempt, you need to operate as above, choosing the VAT exempt code from the VAT Codes table.

This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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