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New Swiss VAT rates 2024

New VAT rates go into effect on 01.01.2024. Choose Banana Accounting Plus Advanced plan for a smooth transition.

Key benefits

  • Automatically import the new rates into the VAT Codes table.
  • Receive the VAT Statement in paper facsimile format or as an XML file ready for upload to AFC.
  • Dramatically reduce your work time with advanced built-in features.

With Banana Accounting 9

  • You CANNOT automatically import new 2024 VAT Codes; you can enter them manually. 
  • You CANNOT create the VAT Statement , but you can get the VAT Report from the Account1 menu command.

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The VAT Report elaborates and displays the VAT calculation according to the selected period and parameters.


  • Select, from the Account1 menu, the VAT report command

When activated, the following options allow the user to include the following data in the VAT report:
Include transactions
All the transactions with VAT/Sales tax are included.

Include totals by Account
All totals of operations with VAT/Sales tax, grouped per individual account, are included.
Include totals by Code
All totals of operations with VAT/Sales tax, grouped per individual VAT code, are included.

Include totals by Percentage
All totals of operations with VAT/Sales tax, grouped per individual percentage, are included.

Include unused codes
Also the unused codes of the VAT Codes table will be listed.

Use own (Group, Gr) grouping scheme
The operations with VAT/Sales tax are grouped according to the groupings of VAT Codes table.

Sort transactions by
By activating this cell, the transactions are sorted on the basis of a preselected option (Date, Doc., Description, etc….).
Partial report
By specifying a code or a group and by activating the necessary options, the software calculates the total of the operations with VAT/Sales tax of
  • only code specified (by selecting from the list)
  • only group specified (by selecting from the list).


Other sections
The information relating to the other sections are available on the following internet pages:

VAT Report / transactions with totals by code

The overall total in the last row of the VAT report has to correspond with the amount for the end of period of the Automatic VAT account, Balance column, on the condition that both of them refer to the same period.

The data of the VAT report can also be transferred to and elaborated by other programs (f.i. Excel, XSLT) and be presented in formats that are similar to the forms of the tax authority

For Switzerland, one can automatically obtain a document similar to the form that has to be sent to the VAT office. This form shows the amount to enter for each number.  Please consult (in German, French, or Italian) Swiss VAT Report.



This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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