Enhanced statement with groups

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This feature is only available in version 7.0.4 or higher. It allows the user to obtain the Enhanced statement with groups, with all the options that are available in the Double-entry accounting.

The Enhanced statement makes it possible to:

  • In the printout, include all the groups that are present in the Accounts- and the Categories tables
  • Exclude groups or accounts individually
  • Select a subdivision by period
    (for example, in the first semester, one can select to have a subdivision by month or per quarter)
  • Select a subdivision by segment.
Below are listed just the explanations pertaining to the Income & Expense; for complete documentation, please refer to the explanations of the Enhanced Balance sheet with groups.


The sections present in the Accounts- and/or Categories table make it possible to define a set of accounts and categories to be printed with the 'Enhanced statement with groups' command from the 'Account' menu.

  • The sections are indicated in the Sections column of the Accounts- and the Categories table
  • An * (asterisk) indicates the beginning of a section
  • A ** (double asterisk) indicates the beginning of a subsection
  • A # indicates the beginning of the Notes section
  • A section ends once the next one begins
  • Contrary to the Double-entry accounting, it is not possible to use numerical identications for the sections
  • In case no section has been indicated, the program will enter them automatically when the command is used for the first time
    • In the Accounts table "Estate"
    • In the Categories table "Operating result"
  • It is useful to create separate sections if there are cost centers, segments or clients/suppliers registers.
    In this way, it is possible to print reports with just the information that concerns the user.


Configurations Accounts & Categories

In the dialogue window, one can define how to print the accounts and the categories.

  • The accounts, present in the Accounts table, will always be printed with the balances at the end of the indicated period.
  • The categories will always be printed with the movements of the indicated period.


Example of Enhanced Statement with groups

This this example, separate sections have been created for the Accounts, the Income, the Expenses and the Cost centers.