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The transactions are entered in the Transactions table.

Insert for every transaction the date, document number, description, incoming or expense amount, account and the category.

Income/Expenses: the amount coming in or going out.

Account: one of the estate accounts (cash, bank, post, clients, suppliers,...) is entered.

Category: an income or expense category is entered


To speed up entering the transactions, consult the paragraph Speed up the input process and the Recurring transactions page.

Attention: to deactivate last year's Smart fill, you have to deactivate the option Smart fill with transactions from previous year (File menu, File and accounting properties command).


Examples of transactions without VAT

Examples of transactions with VAT

Note: In the Transactions table, instead of the account number you can also find the text you wish to find.
The software will show you the list with all the accounts containing the entered text. With the Arrow down key you can move directly in the list. You can select the desired account number by pressing the Enter key.

After having entered the transactions, in order to display the movements of an account or a category, click on the blue little arrow in the account/category cell:

Account and category card

In the account or category card, the presentation of the transactions is very similar to the ones of the Transactions table. If you enter more transactions or make changes, you can update the account/category card by pressing on the Refresh icon on the right side of the screen.