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With Banana accounting you can export in different formats, either the data of a single table of the whole file:

Export rows
Choose the Export rows command from the Data menu in order to export the content of a single table.
If you select some rows before launching the command, then the Export selection only option will be activated.

Export file
Chose the Export file command from the File menu in order to export more than one table. In the dialog windows that appears you will find the following tabs:

  • Specific tabs of the exporting format
  • Include tab, to define the tables and the reports that must be included in the export
  • Period (Accounting) tab, to define the period
  • VAT tab (in the accounting files with VAT management)
  • Composition tab

Export formats
There are different formats available, each with its own specific options:

  • Pdf
    This format allows to export all accounting file content in a unique pdf file.
  • Excel
    This format allows to create Excel spread sheets, comparisons, budgets, index calculations, Balance Sheet analysis, charts directly linked to accounting values.
  • HTML
    With this format the data and accounting statements can be easily accessed with an Internet browser (Explorer, Mozilla, Opera).
    This format fully complies with the legal requirements related to long-term archiving of accounting data.
  • XML
    This format is the standard used for exchanging data. The accounting data can be easily read and reused with other programs or with XSLT style sheets.
  • Export rows in TXT
    This format allows to export the table rows in a text format.