Manage compositions

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Composition menu

In the menu, the saved compositions are being displayed, the default composition and the Manage compositions command.


This is the default composition that the program uses in case no other composition has yet been created.

The default composition is also the one being used when the function gets called upon directly from a table (for example, when one is positioned on the VAT code column and one clicks on the small blue arrow in order to generate the VAT Report).

Manage compositions

This dialogue allows the user to edit, delete, duplicate, rename or create compositions.

This button allows the user to edit the selected composition's settings.

The selected composition is being deleted.

A new composition is being created by duplicating the selected one, with the possibility to edit the settings.

The name of the composition is being changed.

A new composition is created with the basic settings.

The composition is being executed and the report is being displayed.


Direct access to the compositions

In the tables where the compositions are being displayed and in the previews, the composition menu and the settings icon are available, in order to easily move from one composition to another and to have quick access to the settings in case any changes are to be made.