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The Cash Manager (or Cash Book) is an application of Banana Accounting Plus, to manage the cash or any other account. It is free and unlimited because it is included in the Free plan of Banana Accounting Plus. It is ideal for:

  • Families - to keep track of expenses and income and plan a family budget.
  • Children and Students - to learn how to manage their first expenses and be aware of their savings.
  • Companies and Associations - to budget and manage cash income and expenditure, keep the first note and manage cash in a separate file from accounting.

Check out our resources for an easy and immediate start:

Getting Started with the Cash Manager

For a quick and easy start, choose one of our Cash Manager templates and save it as a name. For more information visit the generic page of How to get started with Banana Accounting Plus.

In the Transactions table you are immediately operational and can enter incoming and outgoing transactions. Entry is extremely easy and intuitive, even for those with no accounting knowledge.

Immagine delle registrazioni del Cash Manager

The Transactions Table

The Transactions table is at the heart of the Cash Manager's bookkeeping. 
It allows you:

  • Clarity and order of the columns: thanks to the table layout you always have an immediate and complete overview of the data entered.
    There are main columns, already predefined, in which you can enter:
    • The date of the transaction
    • Any document number
    • The incoming or outgoing amount
    • The category for the entry or exit
  • To insert digital attachments: in the Transactions table, you can also make the DocLink column visible, which allows you to add the receipt or invoice to each movement in PDF format, ensuring the immediate availability of the documents in case of future audits or to transmit them to the accountant.
  • To always make corrections: if there are errors, you can easily correct them, ensuring correct and accurate results every time.

Speeding up the transaction registration

Banana Accounting Plus offers several functions to speed up the data entry process, such as: 

  • Auto-completion. In the Description column, by typing the first few characters, the programme automatically suggests similar movements that have already been entered previously and, by pressing F6, completes the current movement with the selected data.  
  • Recurring Transactions. It is possible to store recurring transactions in a special table, taken from the menu Actions > Recurring Transactions, and to resume them with a single click, saving time and simplifying work.

Reports and Printouts

After each transaction, the programme automatically updates all account balances in the Category table and in the account. You can easily print statements and reports for easy monitoring of income and expenditure and the status of available cash in the cash account. 

Professional and accurate reports at the touch of a button:

From the menu Reports > Enhanced statement or Enhanced statement with groups, get your reports in no time. Reports by period are also possible.

archivio pdf cash manager

PDF data archiving

All accounting data, over a period of years, must be available at all times, both for tax purposes and for any internal requirements. 

Simple and comprehensive archiving. From the menu File > Create Pdf dossier, you can easily archive all accounting data in a single PDF document. This allows you to store the entire accounting for the year in an orderly and complete manner, making it easier to access and consult the data in the future.

cash manager pdf

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