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The account balance and those of the income and expense categories are on ready display in the Accounts and Category tables.
After each entry of a transaction, balances are adjusted automatically and there is no need to run a report, as you can simply display the Accounts or Categories tables.

Advanced printouts

All printing is run from the Reports menu, where the different functions for printing are located:

  • Journal - command to define the period. You can display and print the whole table or just a specified period.

  • Account/Category cards - Account cards / Categories. You may select all cards or define your selection.
    Define the required period in the Period tab and click the required settings in the Options tab. Print settings can be saved in the Customization tab so they can be resumed without them to be having defined again.

  • Enhanced statement - Enhanced statement command. You may also print a defined period and various options and customizations may be included.

  • Enhanced statement with groups - Enhanced statement with groups command. You may also print a defined period and various options and customization may be included.

  • Accounting report - Account report command. The required options are displayed in the Accounts table. Reports are possible for current, previous periods or previous years; each period may contain subdivisions and the customizations can be saved.

Example of printout of Enhanced statement with groups

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