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Columns and views of the account card

In the Account card, there are three groups with of columns.  In the headers of the Debit, Credit and Balance columns, the initials of the respective coins are indicated.

  • Basic currency
    Indicated are the opening balance, the transactions, and the balance in basic currency.
  • Account currency
    The transactions in the Account currency are being indicated.
    When the accounts are in Basic currency, these values are identical to those of the Basic currency.
  • Currency2
    For every transaction, the amount in Currency2 is being indicated. The logic of for converting amounts depends on the account currency, see Converting to Currency 2 on the Multi-Currency File Properties page.
    For the account card the amounts of the transactions are converted with the following logic:
    •  For the opening or carry forward rows, the account balance is converted.
    • For the transactions
      • The Debit and Credit amounts in Currency 2 are converted.
      • The balance of the account in Currency 2 is calculated by adding the amounts in Currency 2 resulting from the conversions.
        It is possible that the final balance of the Currency 2 account is not equal to the balance of the currency account converted to Currency 2. See the Exchange rates issues page for possible rounding differences
    • Transaction currency
      It is not visible if it is not equal to the account currency or not in Basic currency. If an account is registered in a currency different from the account currency, but equal to Currency2, the amounts in Currency2 will not be the original ones, but those converted from the basic currency.

Views of the Account cards

In the multi-currency account card there are several views, each of which displays certain columns at the same time. As you move from one view to another, the columns change.

You can change the arrangement of the columns and create additional views. More details about the views can be found at the following link: Tables setup.

Data editing

It is not possible to modify the data in the Account card. Double-click on the (underlined) row number to go back to the original corresponding row of the Transactions or Budget table. More details are available on the Account card page (paragraph Updating the Account card).

Info Window

In the lower part of the screen, the Info window, the values of the accounts related to the active transaction are being indicated.

  • Account number
  • Account description
  • Transaction amount of the account in Basic currency
  • Actual Account Balance in Basic currency
  • Account's currency symbol
  • Transaction amount of the account in the Account currency
  • Actual Account Balance in Account currency


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