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This dialog allow to add effects to the image.

Command Syntax

The column Effect support the following syntax (Version 2, from December 2021).

  • Levels separated by "|"

Main commands

One per level

  • DrawEllipse:
    • DrawHtml:
      Print the text specified in the Text column.
      TextStyle and Speech style should be "none"
    • DrawImage:
      Draw the specified image file.
      The image is resized.
      Use for inserting a logo.
    • DrawMarkdown
      Convert the markdown text specified in the Text column to html and print.
      TextStyle and Speech style should be "none",
      See further explanation below.
    • DrawRect:
      Draw a rectangle at the specified position and with specified size.
    • DrawText:
      Draw a text. The text is resized to fit the rectangle.
    • FFmpeg:
      You can enter an FFmpeg command
      • FFmpeg:drawbox=x=400:y=100:w=300:h=200:color=pink@0.5:t=fill
      • FFmpeg:scale=4*iw:-1,crop=iw/4:ih/4
    • ObjectClip:rowid
      It use an object defined in the table Clip column Effects with the RowId specified
      • Example: ObjectClip:id=001,pos=800:300,size=500:300
        Use the object defined, but with a specified size.
    • ObjectStyle:rowid
      It use an object defined in the table TextStyle column Effects with the RowId specified
      • Example: ObjectStyle:id=frect,pos=800:300,size=500:300
        Use the object defined, but with a specified size.
      • Use to automate the object creation and styling.
        Create the object in the table Clip and then copy in the TextStyle table.
    • Rescale:
    • SelectRect:
      It makes the rest of the image darker.
    • VideoCut:
    • ZoomIn:

    Elements (separated by ";")

    Are relative the the commands.

    • ;Arrow:
      Add and arrow next to the form
      • ,align= 1 to 9, numeric on the keyboard
      • ,dim=1 to 5
    • ;Number
      • ,text=
      • ,align=1 to 9 , numeric on the keyboard
      • ,dim= 1 to 5
    • ;Grid:numberpixels
      Will display a grid every specified pixels.
      Example: ";Grid:100,fill=yellow" grid every 100 pixels in yellow.

    It use the styles of the main command, unless a different style is specified.

    Attributes (separated by comma ",")

    Attribute are added to the commands or to the elements.

    • ,align=[number 0 to 9)
      Used for Elements Number and Arrow.
      The position of the elements is as the key on the numeric keyboard.
    • ,Dim=1 to 5
      The size of the Elements Number and Arrow.
    • ,border=color:[width]
    • ,color=color //text color
    • ,endtime=hh:mm:ss.mmm
      for VideoCut
    • ,fill=color:[pattern]
    • id=RowId
      Use the text at the row with the specified RowId
      For ObjectStyle it retrieve the effect specified in the table TextStyle
    • image=filename
      for DrawImage
    • ,opacity=number (0 to 1)
    • ,pos=x:y
    • seconds=seconds
      for ZoomIn
    • starttime=hh:mm:ss.mmm
      for VideoCut
    • ,size=width:height
    • ,style=stylename
      Use the content of the column Effects in the table TextStyles at the line with the id stylename.
      • DrawRect:pos=800:200,size=500:400,style=saa,border=blue:30
    • ,text=text
      Use the text that is specified.


    • SelectRect:pos=800:300,size=500:400,border=red:3;Arrow:align=1,dim=3,fill=yellow;Number,text=1,align=7,dim=3
    • DrawImage:pos=900:300,size=200:100,image=filename.png,pen=red
    • DrawRect:pos=900:300,size=200:100,border=red:3,fill=yellow;Number:1:9:3;Number:6:5:3;Number:3:7:3
    • DrawRect:pos=900:300,size=200:100,border=red:3


    Markdown is syntax that can be converted easily to html
    You can create slides and reuse.

    This is an example of markdown text

    # Title 1
    ## Title 2
    ### Title 3
    Proof of **bold** *italic*
    * line 1
    * line 2
    * line 3

    This commands allows to use markdown in the text.

    • When using this command the columns TextStyle and SpeechStyle should be set to none.
    • The markdown text is rendered in html using the style defined in the file _video.css in the table Documents
    • Example:

    With the DrawMarkdown command you can use also this elements:

    • ;HtmlSelectLi:2
      A class "selected" is added to the specifiend html tags "li" ;
      This you can display an item with a different style.
    • ;HtmlAddClass:classname
      A class "classname" is added to all html tags that belong to the markdowns.
      You can have styles specific to a single markdown.




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