Manage, edit, back up Google contacts

The Google contacts command allows you to edit, update and generally manage your Google contacts, saved in your Android phone directory more easily. 

Google contacts commands

Synchronizes content with Google contacts.

When you activate the Google contacts demand for the first time:

  • A window appears with a display of the Chrome browser page integrated into Banana and ask for the Google login.
  • You must enter the email address and password of your Google account.

Banana only saves the email corresponding to the Google account. Session data and password are not saved within Banana, but are managed by the Google Chrome application that is used within Banana Accounting.

    Synchronization commands

    Download changes

    This function imports data from Google and updates the values in Banana.

    • If there is already data existing in the table, the program will merge the various data in the tables
      • Groups.
      • Contacts.

    Send changes

    Send modified data to Google, updating your Google contacts.

    • To be able to send data, you must have previously downloaded it.
      If you have made changes on your mobile, you have will have to first download the data and then send it.

    A window with the elements modified, added or deleted will display.

    Dialog shown before committing changes to google

    It is not recommended to use the "GoogleNoSynchronize" column because it will no longer be used in subsequent versions. If Yes, the contact will not be synchronized with Google.

    Download and Replace existing contacts

    Banana will not always be able to synchronize all changes.
    This command will delete the contacts in the contact table and replace them with the existing Google contacts.

    This command will also deletes items marked as "GoogleNoSynchronize"

    Conversion of values in the table

    Google contacts manages addresses, phone numbers and e-mail in a structured form. In the Contact stable, the data are instead managed via the column.

    Telephone numbers and e-mails

    Google allows you to define different e-mails and phone numbers. For each one a label and an indication by default is designed.
    In Banana you must follow these directions:

    • If there are different types of telephone or e-mail, you will indicate them in the appropriate column (work, home, other).
    • If for each type there are several telephone numbers or e-mails, indicate them in the column, separated by a semicolon ";".
      Telephone work "+1234567890;+21234567890". E-mail work ";"
    • If the phone number or e-mail has a particular label, it will be indicated in the"Other" column, with the label followed by a colon ":".
      If there are several numbers, separate them with a semicolon ";"
      "Holidays:+1234567890*;Cousin:+1234566777". ";"
    • To indicate that the phone is a number by default, mark it with an asterisk "*" after the number.Between the different numbers there can be only one default number.


    Google allows you to have multiple addresses for the same contact.

    Banana Accounting instead allows to synchronize only one address, the "Home" being main one.


    Groups defined in Google are imported into the Groups table and my be added on to.

    In the Group column of the Contacts table you can insert multiple membership groups by separating them with a semicolon ";".

    Create a backup of your Google contacts

    1. Create a New empty Address Book file.
    2. Utilities1 Menu>Google contacts>Download changes
    3. Save the file on your computer with the day's date in the name.

    Manage your Google address contacts

    If you have multiple addresses in your address book, it will be easier to use the Banana address book to sort out your addresses. You can quickly correct errors, add information and remove duplicates and much more.

    1. Download data from Google contacts
    2. Effectuate your changes
      Remember that the F6 key (Mac Cmd-6) has several features (see the Info window below).
      In the Name and Surname column, invert the values.
    3. Hit command button to send changes.

    Archive and remove contacts that are no longer used 

    You can save phone contacts that you no longer use on your computer and delete them from your phonebook.

    First time:

    1. Create a new Address Book file.
    2. Utilities1 Menu-> Google Contacts-> Download Changes.
    3. Save the file in your documents, "Folder_Philip_donotcancel_ever", so you remember that it is an important file.
    4. Display the Archive view.
    5. In the Archive date column, insert the current date (type the dot ".") for all contacts you no longer require
    6. Utilities1 command-> Archive data Table-> Contacts.
    7. Utilities1 command-> Google Contacts-> Send Changes.
      Your data will be deleted from the address book.
    8. Utilities1->View Archived data-> Contacts will allow you to access your archived contacts.
      If you want to add them back to your directory, you must copy the line in the Contacts table and delete it from the Archives.

    Safe-keep your file. Proceed as follows if you wish to archive unused contacts:

    1. Open your address book file.
    2. Utilities1 comman1-> Download changes or if there are problems Download and replace.
    3. Proceed as indicated above in the Archiving and Sending Changes procedure.
    4. Save the changes.

    Resume data in Excel

    • Download data from Google contacts.
    • Select all (upper left corner button)
    • Copy
    • Paste into Excel.

    Synchronization problems and suggestions

    The Google address book offers many possibilities and can be used in very different ways. We have tried to make it work better for you , but there may be situations where the program might experience problems with the changes that have been made.
    If this is the case, it will be necessary to use the command function. Download and delete existing contacts, to completely realign the two archives.

    We are obviously interested in continuously improving the functioning of our software, so send us an e-mail describing the problem and show us how to replicate the problem on our computers. This will allow us to fix the problem.
    Any suggestions on how to improve the product are always welcome.

    For technical details related to the connection, check the Google API documentation.


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