Tutorial Maker Application: Create, Translate, and Enhance Video Tutorials

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The Tutorial Maker application, developed by Banana.ch, is a versatile tool for:

  • Creating comprehensive video tutorials with speech in multiple languages.
  • Adding or modifying speech in various languages to existing videos.

The application, developed primarily for internal use at Banana.ch, plays a vital role in both the production and ongoing enhancement of multilingual Banana Accounting video tutorials. It employs AI-based services to facilitate efficient translation and speech generation.

While the Tutorial Maker application is currently featured in the Dev-Channel version, it has been extended to a select group of partners. You are welcome to try it; however, please be aware that it is not a fully supported product and requires the installation of additional components. Furthermore, its functionalities are subject to change at any time.

How It Works

Creating a Video Tutorial for a Desktop Application

  1. Capture Screenshots.
    Begin by capturing screenshots of the desktop application and saving them to a directory (recommended size: 1920x1080).
  2. Fill in the Clip Table, 
    Enter all necessary information to create a video:
    • Select the image to be used.
    • Apply effects to the image, such as highlighting a section, adding arrows, or circles.
    • Choose the text and voice style for the speech.
    • Input the text for titles and/or text-to-speech.
    • Translate the text into other languages as needed.
  3. Build the Video.
    On executing the build video command, the program performs the following tasks based on the specified language:
    • Adds effects, titles, and subtitles to the images.
    • Generates speech files using internal or Microsoft or Google voices, as selected.
    • Creates a video sequence for each image. The duration of each sequence matches the length of the speech or a duration you specify.
  4. Final Video Compilation. 
    The final video is created by combining all the video sequences.

How it works

Assuming you are creating a video tutorial for a desktop application.

  1. You capture screen shots and save to a directory (size 1920x1080).
  2. In the Clip table you enter all the information needed to create a video:
    • The image to be used.
    • Create effects on the image. Like highlighting a part of image, adding an arrow or a circle.
    • The text and voice style to use. 
    • The text to be used for titles and/or for the text to speech.
    • The text translated to other languages.
  3. You give the build video command and the program, based on the language you specify:
    • It add effects, titles and subtitles to the images.
    • It generates the speech files using the Microsoft or Google voices you choose.
    • For each images it create a video sequence.
      The duration of the sequence is the duration of the speech, or one you specify. .
    • A final video is crated by putting together all video sequences.

Table Clips

Optimizing Videos: A Streamlined Approach

This video creation tool specializes in producing straightforward tutorials and translating them into multiple languages through a progressive process. Typically, we develop an initial version and then pass it on for review and translation. Based on user feedback, we continually modify and enhance the content.

The Tutorial Maker significantly eases the effort and time required to alter video content and text, translate, and generate new versions of the tutorial, each tailored in length to the specific language. Consequently, it employs a logic distinctly different from that of traditional video creation tools, which are more focused on creative aspects.

The speech is automatically generated from the input text, allowing for easy modifications of the text, voice-over, and video sequence duration. This feature simplifies the process of refining and creating new versions of the video.

The tool excels in translation. By entering the translated text into a designated field, a corresponding voice-over is automatically generated. The video sequence is also adjusted to match the exact duration of the new speech, streamlining the translation process.

Video tutorial of the Tutorial Maker application

Create video from images, with speech, subtitles and text decorations.

Here is the full project and files on github.com.

Mainly for software developers

The Tutorial Maker Application offers advanced features, specifically tailored for users who are also software developers.

Currently in its alpha phase, the application has been fine-tuned for our internal use. It necessitates a particular setup and is in the early stages of incorporating error controls. Moreover, the interface and messages are exclusively in English. As such, at present, it is predominantly suitable for software developers and highly skilled users.

Be aware that the data's structure and format might evolve over time, and we may not always provide a means for transition. Additionally, both the terms of use and pricing are subject to change. We reserve the right to modify the technical content, availability, terms, and pricing at any moment without prior notice.

We invite you to share your experience using the application and greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have.






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