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All the functions you need

The program includes a set of functions to manage your business efficiently and professionally. Our users are thrilled to save time on handling accounting tasks that would otherwise take up much of their time. Additionally, you will save money by reducing the need for a financial consultant's intervention and associated costs.

Financial reports at a glance

Quickly print all the reports you need and at any time:

  • Chart of accounts
  • Balance sheet and Income statement
  • Transaction journal
  • Budget and much more!

Invoices with QR codes

You can enter invoices as simple records by indicating the invoice number and the customer's account. If you have multiple products, you can also use columns for Quantity, Unit, and Unit Price.

With a single command, your records will transform into professional invoices, ready to be printed or sent via email to your customers.


Customer and supplier management

Thanks to the ready-made templates with the customer and supplier ledger, you can manage everything optimally: simply enter the customer or supplier account in the entry.

Get the full list of suppliers and customers and keep track of payments and receipts.

VAT management

Great simplicity: indicate the VAT rate code in the transactions and the programme takes care of the rest!

Get the Swiss VAT form, detailed summaries by period, by VAT code, account and percentage in just a few clicks, either by totals or with all transactions.


Cost centres and Segments

Highlight particular areas of your business easily and efficiently with a higher level of detail!

Cost centres and segments in Banana Accounting Plus offer the possibility to see details of projects, events, construction sites, members and other specific activities, or to highlight costs and revenues by unit, department or branch.

Budget and Cash plan

Easily create your budget for effective cost control and an eye on the future!

In the Budget table enter forecast entries with a future date and indicate their repetition. The programme projects your forecasts by month, quarter, half-year, year and over several years.

A great tool for anticipating times and taking timely action to achieve your goals.

Import and Automation.

Thanks to the innovative data import features from bank statements and the automation of saved rows using Rules, accounting becomes simple, immediate, and error-free.

During the import process, for each transaction that is expected to repeat in the future, you can create a Rule by entering the corresponding account, VAT code, and optional cost or profit center. In subsequent imports, all transactions that match these Rules will be automatically entered and completed by the program, drastically reducing data entry times.

Rules automation

Unique prints thanks to the Extensions

The Extensions are additional programs that extend the functionalities of Banana Accounting Plus. Thanks to them, you can also obtain:

  • Donation certificate for associations
  • List of books for libraries
  • Financial analysis and cash flows
  • Portfolio management for securities
  • Construction and renovation management

Many of these extensions require the Advanced plan


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