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The Actions menu includes various commands that are specific for the Productivity applications.
The general commands, available in all the Utilities applications, are explained hereunder.
Other commands, specific for the Address Book and the Library application, are explained in the corresponding documentation.

Recheck all...

Checks everything and gives a warning in case there are errors.

Sort contacts by name

Sorts the rows of the Contacts table in ascending order by Name, Family Name, Second Name, Place.

Archive Data menu

The program keeps a list of the rows that have been archived, for each table.

The archived rows are being shown in the Archived rows table. Select the rows that need to be shown.

Archive data

Moves the rows of a table (Contacts, Items, Loans, Diary) to the Archived data table, where:

  • The Archive data column is not empty.
  • For the Loans table, there should be an expiration date and a return date (a "closed" loan)

A list of tables is being shown. The tables present on this list contain rows that can be archived.
If there are no tables with rows that can be archived, the selection is empty.

Show archived data

Shows a list of the archived rows of a specific table.



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