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The fixed assets register application is included in Banana Accounting Plus. It allows for easy management of your fixed assets and quickly obtains all the values you need, as well as the automatic posting of depreciation at the end of the year.

There are many functions to facilitate your work:

  • Keep the list of your assets that need to be depreciated according to the tax regulations.
  • Automatically calculate the amortization or in special cases, adapt the amounts manually.
  • Choose to obtain monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly depreciation.
  • Transfer the amortization rows directly into your Banana Accounting file.
  • Manage other changes in value (subsequent purchases, sales, divestments or other) related to each asset.
  • Have a history of all the changes in the value of each asset.
  • Manage other information related to each asset, such as warranty expiration, insurance, location.

Fixed assets register, items table

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