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    Double-Entry Accounting with crypto currencies Bitcoin

    Double-Entry Accounting

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    Company XX

    Basic Currency: BTC


    Table: Accounts
    Group Description Sum In Gr1
        BALANCE SHEET    
      Cash Cash Total Assets  
      Post Post office current account Total Assets  
      Bank 1 Bank 1 Total Assets  
      Clients Clients Total Assets  
    Total Clients   Total Clients Total Assets 1
      Prepaid Taxes Prepaid taxes Total Assets  
      Inventory Inventory Total Assets  
      Transitory Assets Transitory assets Total Assets  
      Machinery & Appliances Machinery and appliances Total Assets  
      Office Forniture Office furniture Total Assets  
      Computer Computer Total Assets  
      Software Software Total Assets  
      Car Car Total Assets  
      Real Estate Real Estate Total Assets  
    Total Assets   TOTAL ASSETS 00 1
      Suppliers Suppliers Total Liabilities  
    Total Suppliers   Total Suppliers Total Liabilities 1
      Bank Loan c/c Bank loan c/c Total Liabilities  
      Transitory Liabilities Transitory liabilities Total Liabilities  
      Start-up Capital Start-up capital Total Liabilities  
      Private Account Private account Total Liabilities  
      Reserves Reserves Total Liabilities  
      Profit or Loss forward Profit or loss brought forward Total Liabilities  
    Profit or loss of the current year   Profit or loss of the current year Total Liabilities 1
    Total Liabilities   TOTAL LIABILITIES 00 1
      Income from Services Income from services Total Revenue  
      Income from Sales Income from sales Total Revenue  
      Other Income Other income Total Revenue  
    Total Revenue   TOTAL REVENUE 02  
      Purchase Goods Purchase goods for resale Total Expenses  
      Salaries Salaries Total Expenses  
      Social Contributions Social contributions Total Expenses  
      Pension Fund Pension fund Total Expenses  
      Accident Insurance Accident insurance Total Expenses  
      Health Insurance Health insurance Total Expenses  
      Rent Rent Total Expenses  
      Upkeep Machinery Upkeep machinery and appliances Total Expenses  
      Car Expenses Car expenses Total Expenses  
      Other Insurances Other insurances Total Expenses  
      Fees Fees Total Expenses  
      Electricity Electricity Total Expenses  
      Office Supplies Office supplies Total Expenses  
      Telephone, Fax Telephone, Fax Total Expenses  
      Mailing Fees Mailing fees Total Expenses  
      Publicity Publicity Total Expenses  
      Interest on Bank Loan Interest on bank loan Total Expenses  
      Bank and CC Fees Bank and current account fees Total Expenses  
      Depreciation Machinery Depreciation machinery and appliances Total Expenses  
      Depreciation Real Estate Depreciation real estate Total Expenses  
      Taxes Taxes Total Expenses  
    Total Expenses   TOTAL EXPENSES 02 1
    02   Profit(-) Loss(+) from Profit & Loss Statement Profit or loss of the current year 1
    00   Difference should be = 0 (blank cell)    
      CL.001 Company 1 10A  
      CL.002 Company 2 10A  
      CL.003 Company 3 10A  
    10A   Total Clients Total Clients 1
      SU.001 Company 1 20A  
      SU.002 Company 2 20A  
      SU.003 Company 3 20A  
    20A   Total Suppliers Total Suppliers 1
        Division car expenses    
      .PET Petrol CE  
      .INS Insurance, other fees CE  
      .REP Repairs CE  
    CE   Total Division car expenses   1
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