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    Company - Double-Entry Accounting with VAT Flat Tax Rate Method (with transactions)

    Double-Entry Accounting with vat/sales tax

    Accounting plan for SME with a simple structure and the VAT flat tax rate method.

    Open in Banana Accounting Plus Web

    Run Banana Accounting Plus on your browser without any installation. Customize the template, enter the transactions and save the file on your computer.

    Template documentation

    The accounting plan and the VAT Codes table are set to manage the VAT based on the Swiss flax tax rate method.

    In the Transactions table you will find examples on how to manage transaction with VAT flat tax rate method.

    The program automatically executes the VAT flat rate calculation and it creates a PDF file, a facsimile of the official form, with indication, for each row, of the amounts to be manually reported.

    More information are available at the Swiss VAT tax report - Flat tax rate method page.


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