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Start Banana Accounting Plus WebApp

Innovative technology based on WebAssembly. Technical Preview (Estimates and Invoices application not available).

  • No installation, no registration and data is kept on your computer.
  • Create, customise your accounting and enter your transactions in a privacy-friendly manner.
  • Banana WebApp uses WebAssembly, a very new technology still under development. Compared to the desktop version, there are important limitations. For example, if you close the browser without saving, your data is lost.
  • Requirements, technical information and limitations


Start immediately and create your accounting

  • By clicking on the blue button, Banana Accounting Plus WebApp starts.
    • The set template is opened.
    •  Or create a new account with New File command.
  • You can modify the file as you wish, adapting the chart of accounts and entering transactions.
  • When you click File > Save, the file is saved in your download folder in the browser default mode each time you save a new copy is created.

Reopen the files on your computer

You can also open the file using the desktop or mobile version, which offers all the functionalities including reopening and saving to the same file.


The programme is downloaded and executed in the browser, the data entered remains on your computer and is not sent or saved to the cloud.
This web version offers almost all the functionality of the desktop version.

The mode of use is typical of a desktop application and the use is currently focused on:

  • Giving everyone the opportunity to try out Banana Accounting without having to do any installation.
  • Open and view the contents of the accounting templates.
  • Customise the template, start recording and then switch to the desktop version.
  • Allow students to practise double-entry bookkeeping and see how modern accounting software works.
  • Experience the potential of WebAssembly technology.

Universal templates

Directly try Banana Accounting Plus WebApp with a universal template already set up; choose the closest to your needs:

All our templates have a unique ID number. If you know the ID of a template (e.g. +10649), you can direcly open it via the link

See all available accounting templates.


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