The world's only perfect software for accounting education

Make your students feel comfortable learning double-entry bookkeeping
and don't waste any more precious time correcting exercises.

Prepares students for the professional world

Banana Accounting enables students to rapidly acquire accounting skills through hands-on practice, fostering confidence every step of the way. 
This will empower and motivate them to excel with any future accounting software, much like preparing for a driver's license!

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A basic competence: Double-entry bookkeeping

The principle of double-entry bookkeeping represents a global standard for the financial management of both companies and organisations: it enables them to manage their business effectively, but also to fully understand the financial aspects that influence their operations.

Therefore, it is a core competence for future entrepreneurs and managers, as it prepares them for financial challenges in both public and private sector and provides a solid foundation for their career path.

For schools all over the world

Many schools use the most common software in their country or the most widely used in companies, but that was not designed for education. Banana Accounting, on the other hand, has been constantly improved through collaboration with schools, making it as easy as possible to learn double-entry bookkeeping.

You can freely customise the accounting file, adapting it to the regulations of Switzerland, Italy or another country.

Double-entry accounting made simple

Thanks to its intuitive table-based interface, the Debit A/C and Credit A/C columns are always visible, making it easier to learn and become an accounting expert.

The program immediately indicates accounting errors and discrepancies, thus helping with learning and saving a lot of time for both exercises and teacher corrections.

Transactions table

The Transactions table contains the journal and all the necessary elements for a complete and professional accounting experience.
Students can practice entering the data, edit it and review it all.

Moreover, the addition of the Balance column in the Transactions table enables swift identification of any accounting discrepancies, facilitating prompt correction.

Automatic Correction of excercises

You no longer have to worry about correcting your students' exercises: the Extension for Accounting exercise correction does it for you!

  1. Prepare the accounting file containing the exercise solutions.
  2. Open the accounting file with the student's exercise and start the extension.
  3. The correct information will be automatically written next to the student's entries.

You save a great amount of time and valuable resources, which you can then devote to teaching.

Superior to Excel

Thanks to its Excel-looking interface, Banana Accounting minimizes the time required to explain the program's functioning to students. Its flexibility allows for free movement within the table, modification of data at any time, and the ability to color rows for easy analysis.

Additionally, unlike Excel, all calculations are automatic, thus eliminating the risk of errors.

Chart of accounts

The Chart of Accounts of Banana Accounting is fully customisable to meet individual needs. Students:

  • learn how to set up the Chart of Accounts;
  • immediately view the Balance Sheet and Income Statement;
  • can easily add, edit or delete accounts.

Account balances update automatically after each registration, ensuring organized accounting and constant control over activities.

Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement

Banana Accounting automatically performs all calculations and instantly prepares the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and other statements.
You can easily obtain various reports to analyse the data:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Account ledgers and supportive subledgers
  • Transactions Journal
  • And much more!

Balance sheet analysis

Students can quickly generate reports with comprehensive KPIs and balance sheet ratios, in order to focus more on data analysis:

  • Liquidity ratios (Cash ratio, Quick ratio, Current ratio)
  • Profitability ratios (ROE, ROI, ROS, ... )
  • Efficiency ratios
  • Cash Flow
  • And much more!

Save files wherever you want

The software uses No Cloud technology, ensuring data privacy and providing the ability to save files in various modes:

  • locally on your device
  • on external devices
  • on cloud systems such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.

It is possible to work comfortably offline, both in class and at home, and create an unlimited number of accounting files.

Try it in the browser without installation

Try Banana Accounting Plus now on your browser without the need for registration or entering personal data, and save the file on your computer.

We are aware that every school has its own organization, which is why we offer various installation options:

  • on school computers
  • on student devices

How teaching with Banana Accounting works

Banana can be used for both for classroom and online lessons.

  1. The teacher prepares the exercise: use the pre-set double-entry accounting template, which you can adapt according to your needs. Share the file via e-learning platform, OneDrive, Dropbox or via e-mail.
  2. Students carry out the exercise: each student carries out the exercise independently, working on the file with their own device. Once the work is finished, the student saves the file and sends it back to the teacher.
  3. The teacher corrects the exercise: with Automatic Exercise Correction you correct students' work without wasting time. You can later send the file back to the student.

Appreciated by many teachers

Numerous institutions, both in Switzerland and around the world, have been using Banana Accounting for several years.

Banana Accounting has been widely used in Swiss commercial schools for several years. By introducing students to accounting software at an early stage, Banana Accounting facilitates a smoother transition to the professional world.

Swiss commercial schools

The Banana Accounting software performs all tasks related to the accounting of an organisation (company) in order to draw up the balance sheet and calculate the profit for a period. Added to this are other advantages, such as time savings due to the regular updating of data, the automatic creation of the organisation's accounting documents, periodic checking and verification of the accounts, and the fact that it does not require the entry of formulas to perform various calculations.

Department of Education - Republic of Congo

Every student trainee who gains works experience at our office is happy with the clarity and simplicity of the program. Even the least gifted student can work within an hour with Banana Accounting.

Cosara (NL)

Free for Schools

The Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus is offered completely free of charge for school teaching.

Request a free subscription

Free for Students

By downloading and installing Banana Plus on their computer, students can use the Free plan, which allows up to 70 accounting transactions.

Each exercise is performed on a separate file, and each student can create as many files as they wish. In this way, the Free plan of Banana Plus represents an excellent opportunity to practise accounting.

All the features of modern accounting software

Students can further expand their knowledge and familiarise themselves with accounting applications, thanks to comprehensive software.

Customers and Suppliers

Keep track of payments and receipts and have a complete customer and supplier database.

Sales Tax management

To find out how software registers Sales Tax and have all under control.


Possibility to practise multi-currency and crypto-currencies.


Create customised invoices with double-entry transaction rows.

Financial planning

Develop financial forecasts for the profit and loss account and balance sheet over several years.


Opportunity to understand the benefits of digital seals for data protection.

Fixed asset register

Manage depreciable assets to immediately know their initial value, history and depreciation.


Administer the inventory by updating items according to what is sold/purchased.