Financial forecasting for suppliers

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Supplier forecasting completes financial planning with supplier data. For exa, a company can plan purchases by indicating purchases by indicating accounts for the most important suppliers. It will thus be able to analyze and optimize the relationship with the various suppliers, perhaps by requesting payment extensions.

Forecasting with the double entry method also allows you to indicate accounts for individual suppliers. Depending on the need, suppliers management can be done with balance sheet accounts, profit and accounts or with cost and profit centers.

When changing a budget movement, the forecasts for each individual supplier are also updated.

Accounts table

Set up accounts for suppliers in the Accounts table. In the Estimate column you will also have the updated forecast balances for the accounting period. At a glance you can know what the forecast for the individual supplier will be.

accounts budget accounts suppliers

Evolution chart

If you view the Graphs window, positioning the cursor on an account or a group you will see the graph for the evolution of the suppliers.
If you click on the Current, Previous or Estimate legend, you can hide the graph.

Account card with estimate data

With the Account card command you have the possibility to see in detail all the movements for each supplier.

accounts card suppliers

  • Select budget movements.
  • Indicates the supplier’s account.
  • Set up the period.
    If you indicate a period that extends beyond the accounting period, the program will automatically generate Forecasts over several years.
  • When indicating a group, you will see the movements of all the accounts belonging to that group.
  • When in the Budget table, you can access the customer's card with a click on the small icon next to the account number.

Enhanced Balance sheet with groups

Through Enhanced Balance Sheet with groups you may select to work with values subdivided by column per period. In this way you can see the evolution of liquidity by day, week, month, quarter, semester, year, etc.

balance sheet_and previous year

Accounting Report

The Accounting Report is similar to the one for Enhanced balance sheet with groups, with the difference that the display takes place in the Accounts table in columns.

You can therefore use it to get an instant view of the evolution of liquidity accounts.

accounts budget report suppliers

This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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