Starting a financial forecast

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You can easily prepare financial forecasts including liquidity plans, balance sheet and income statements.
The procedure is the same as for creating the accounting.

1. Create the accounting/forecast file

With the File → New command , create a financial forecast file, using the accounting type and the accounting template that best suits your needs.

You can also start by using one of the templates already prepared for learning, which also contain examples of budget transactions.

There are also sample files for more advanced functionalities:

Once created you can save the file and give it a name, preferably composed of the company name and the year "company-2020.ac2".

2. Customize the file

Once you have created the file, adapt it to your specific needs:

  1.  Set the File properties.
    1. The company name.
    2. The Accounting period.
      Normally it is the one corresponding to the calendar year. However, you can indicate another one as needed. See Forecasts over several years.
  2. Customize the Chart of Accounts.
    You can change the description, add or delete accounts or groups.
    If necessary, you can adapt the Chart of Accounts at any time later.
  3. If it’s an activity already in progress, enter the Opening Balances.

3. Enter financial budgeting movements

In the Budget Table you can now enter the financial forecast movements.

budget table

4. View the forecasts

The forecast data are visible:

  • In the Charts window.
  • In the Accounts table, in the Budget column.
  • In the Reports, in the Budget column.
  • In the Account card, Budget values.

Adapt the forecast

You can change, add or delete transactions at any time. The forecast will be immediately recalculated.



This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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