Importing transactions from your credit card

Banana accounting allows the importation of movements from the credit card into the main accounting file.

A couple of requirements are necessary to perform the import:

  • The giro account must have been set up in the Plan of Accounts.
  • The format of data provided by the credit card issuing bank must be compatible with the formats provided by Banana Accounting.

To find and determine the formats you need to:

  • Open BananaApps in the Account1 menu, Import to accounting ... , click Manage Apps... button, select import.
  • Select the bank that issued the credit card and click on the Install button. The format will be displayed in the Import to Accounting dialog.

When data from the credit card, and even bank transactions, are imported, the problem of recorded down payments needs to be addressed. In this case, two registrations are created on the credit card account:

  • Presence of a credit card account as a counterpart to bank charges for credit card payments.
  • Presence of the credit card account in the movements imported from the credit card.

To avoid any overlap, the giro account is used at the moment of import.

How to perform the import:

  • Select Transactions in the Import to accounting... window.
  • Select the type of format of the credit card issuing bank.
  • Using the Browse button, select the file provided by the bank and confirm with OK
  • Enter the period and indicate the giro account. Confirm with OK. All movements will be imported into the transactions table.
  • Indicate the Cost centre for each row.


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