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You can access this windows by choosing the Account1 menu -> Account cards command (see the Account cards page)


Enter the account or the description in order to filter the accounts list.

You can also enter the account to be displayed with segments.

Accounts and segments can be combined (see developer explanations):.

  • 10000:01 will show all transactions of the 1000 account with the 01 segment. 
  • 1000|1001will show the transactions for account 1000 and 1001.


The list of all available accounts appears.
If you wish to print one or more account cards activate only the desired accounts.

  • (Select All)
    By activating this option, all the accounts that are part of the Chart of accounts are automatically selected.
  • Filter
    This function allows you to filter all account cards or just a selection, specifically:
    • Accounts, cost centre and segments - if no selection is made they are filtered by default
    • Accounts/categories (existing cost centres and segments are excluded)
    • Accounts, Cost centres (only segments are excluded)
    • Cost centres (accounts and/or categories and segments are excluded)
    • Segments (accounts and/or categories and cost centres are excluded)
    • Groups - existing groups will be shown - you need to select the ones to be printed
    • Classes - all classes will be shown - you need to select the ones to be printed.

Actual or Budget

When you have activated the Budget table in your file, you may select:

  • Actual transactions
    The entries in the Transaction tab will be processed.
  • Budget transactions
    The entries in the Budget tab will be processed.
    In the absence of the Budget tab, the amounts in the budget column of the account card, will be converted to monthly amounts on the basis of the opening and closing dates of the accounting file (if this one year, will be devided by 12 monthly instalments).

Differences in accounting entries (account card 00)

If differences in accounting entries occur (refer to the DEBIT - CREDIT difference error page), open the Group 00 account card (or the one in your Chart of Accounts that contains all the accounts of BClass 1,2,3,4).
You will have a list of all transactions with the successive balances, which after each entering should equal zero. The row which balance is not at zero contains the error.



This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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