Project planning with profit and cost centres

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Financial planning of projects allows you to take control over the income and expenses of a project. It is used to evaluate investments and returns on a project and to track its implementation.

Budgeting with the double-entry method allows you to indicate profit and cost centres as well. You only need to set up cost centers for the different projects, and in parallel to the balance and income statement forecasts, you will have the forecasts available for each individual project.

The projections are calculated on the basis of the initial balance and the forecasts entered in the Budget table. When a line is changed the budget, forecasts are instantly updated. You can produce simulations, reassign a payment, add an investment, modify sales and spot how the budget changes.

Values of liquidity can be displayed in several ways.

Chart of Accounts

Profit and Cost centres are set up in the Chart of Accounts. In the Estimate column you will also have the updated forecast balances for the accounting period. At a glance you can know what the liquidity situation will be at the end of the year.

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Evolution chart

In the Graphs view window, position the cursor on an account or a group and a graph of the evolution of the projects will be displayed.
Clicking on the Current, Previous or Estimate legend, you can hide the graph.

Account card with budget data

With the Account card command you have the possibility to display all the movements for the single project in detail.

accounts budget accounts card projects

  • Select budget movements.
  • Indicate the cost or profit center.
  • Set the period.
    If you indicate a period that extends beyond the accounting period, the program will automatically switch to Forecasts over several years.
  • When you indicate a group, you will see the movements of all the accounts belonging to that group.
  • When in the Budget table, you can access the cost center tab by clicking on the small icon next to the account number.

Enhanced Balance sheet with groups

With the Enhanced Balance sheet with groups you choose to divide the values into separate columns for each segment. Thus, you dispose of a view of the evolution of individual projects by day, week, month, trimester, semester, year etc..

accounts budget balance projects

Accounting report

The Accounting report is similar to the Enhanced balance sheet with groups, with the difference, that the display takes place in columns.

It can therefore be used to display an instant view of the evolution of the segments.

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