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The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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New Customization possibilities

In the new Banana Accounting Plus version the Printouts have been improved thanks to the possibility of new customization possibilities.
We advise you to immediately switch to Banana Accounting Plus and take advantage of the many new features.

  • This command allows the user to visualize the amounts of accounts with a specific grouping, for a specific period or with a specific subdivision.
  • In order to calculate, obtain and print reports, choose the Accounting reports command form the Account1 menu.
  • Transactions without date are being considered as opening transactions and will not appear in the printouts of the Profit & Loss Statement.

Base tab

You can select the desired grouping scheme:

  • As on Accounts table - the Report will show a list of all accounts just as in the Accounts table with the Opening balance and Balance columns
  • Accounts by class - the Report will show the list of the accounts but without subgroups
  • External accounting report - the Report will show the data according to a grouping system preset in a separate file (File menu, New command,  Double-entry accounting group, Accounting Report).

You can select the accounts to be included or excluded:

  • Show group totals only - only the group totals will be shown
  • Include accounts with transactions - only accounts with transactions will be printed
  • Include accounts with 0 balance -  accounts with zero balance will be printed as well
  • Exclude groups without accounts - groups that contain only accounts with zero balance will not be printed.

Other tabs

The explanations for the other tabs are available at the following pages:

Report result

A new table is created where the results are shown.

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