Double-entry accounting

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The professional tool to manage assets, liabilities, expenses and income according to the international rules of the Double-entry (debit and credit) and to obtain a Balance Sheet and a Profit/loss Statement.

The double-entry accounting application is available with or without the VAT management option.   


  • Manages the estate accounts and the profit/loss accounts (assets, liabilities, expenses and revenue)
  • The accounting type with VAT features the VAT calculations and VAT reports
  • Produces all the accounting extracts: journal, account cards, balances by period and annual balances 
  • Allows Cost Centers and Segments management
  • Offers different ways of data presentation
  • Exports data to Excel, Html, Xml, Pdf
  • Imports data from different files formats


Tables and File properties

The double-entry accounting is composed by the following tables:

  • Accounts table
    Where the accounting plan is located with opening balances, and where groups and subgroups can be defined along with cost centers and segments.
  • Transactions table
    Where the accounting transactions are entered.
  • VAT Codes table
    Where the VAT/Sales tax codes are set, only if the VAT management option has been chosen.
  • Exchange rates table
    Where the different currencies are defined, only if the multi-currency accounting option has been chosen.
  • File properties
    Where the accounting general settings are defined.


Changing accounting type

In order to change your file language, rounding system, or in order to add VAT or multicurrency columns, please refer to the Convert to new file command, from the Tools menu.

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