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Compositions are saved personalized settings that can be used at a later date.

In this regard, all compositions can be displayed in the Favorites Menu.

It is possible to create Compositions for the following accounting data:

  • Account cards
  • VAT report
  • Enhanced Balance Sheet
  • Enhanced Balance Sheed by groups
  • Reports
  • PDF dossier
  • File export
  • Extract and Sort rows
  • Addresses / Labels

How to obtain Compositions

Compositions can been obtained mainly through the Account1 menu when it is about the Accounting cards, the Enhanced Balance sheet, the Enhanced Balance sheet with groups, the Reports and the VAT report, and from the File menu for the compositions concerning Create Pdf dossier and Export file

  • Once the document to be created has been chosen, start from the corresponding menu (Ex. Account cards or Enhanced balance sheet by groups...) and click on Default
  • from the dialog windows that appears click on Composition and on the New button
  • enter the name of the new composition
  • check the desired options
  • click on the Apply button

Each composition, once created, will appear in the menu of the corresponding command and can be edited, renamed, duplicated or deleted.

Enter a name to identify the composition (for instance, Quarterly Report).

Enter the description for the composition.

Show this window every time
If activated (default), when selecting a composition from the menu, the dialogue for editing the settings will be shown. If not activated, the preview of the requested report (Balance sheet, report, etc.) will be shown directly.

Show in menu... (depending on the menu/command in which one is being positioned)
If this option is activated, the composition will appear in the menu of the command.

Show in 'Favorites' menu
If this option is activated, the composition will appear in the Favorites menu.

Read only
If this option is activated, it will not be possible to edit the settings.

This button allows you to create a new composition.

This button allows you to delete an existing composition.

This button allows you to duplicate a composition.

This button allows you to import a composition from another Banana Accounting file.

This button allows you to save the chosen settings for the new composition.


Display in the starting menu

According to the menu you are in, the Default composition and your personal saved compositions will be shown.

Composition (Default)
This is the composition used by default from the program, if no other composition has been created.

In the following example the menu of the Accounting reports is shown.

Direct access to the compositions

In the tables where the compositions are being shown and in the previews, the composition menu and the settings icon are being displayed. These make it possible to easily move from one composition to the next and provide rapid access to the settings in case you want to edit these. 


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