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If you have purchased a license key of Banana Accounting 8 or an earlier version, you can continue to use the program as long as you wish.

  • Please note that these versions were developed some time ago and are not prepared to work with the current versions of the operating systems and drivers of the new peripheral devices. Therefore, these programs may not work correctly, may give problems with certain operations, printing or other issues, and may even lead to data loss.
  • In order to avoid problems for our customers, we no longer provide installation files.
  • If you want to continue using your version 8 or older, remember to make copies of the installed program on your computer.
  • Our company does not recommend this operation and declines any responsibility in this regard.
  •  In case you purchase a new computer, if you wish to continue using your old version of Banana Accounting, you must have a technician help you transfer the program from the old computer and set up the necessary compatibility modes.  
  • We no longer offer support for these versions. Our specialized support service is however available for special cases (paid support).

Switch now to Banana Accounting Plus

Our clients appreciate having a professional, modern and efficient software that is continuously updated. Banana Accounting Plus is continuously developed and adapted to the most modern operating systems. We invite all those who have a previous version to upgrade to Banana Accounting Plus (technically called version 10).

Clients who have already switched to the new version, tell us that they are extremely satisfied, especially with the quality/price ratio. They save money and time and benefit from improved functionality.

See why we have adopted the subscription system.

For special cases, even if you have an old version, our personalized support is still available, for a fee.

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