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With Banana Accounting the Journal corresponds to the Transactions table. It is possible to print the whole journal or just a part of it, selecting the rows that you wish to print.

In order to personalize the journal printout you can change the columns order and headings: you can find all the information on how to proceed in the Columns setup page; you can also choose several options in the printout; please visit the Page setup page.

There are different ways to print:

  • place yourself in the Transactions table and click on the Print icon
  • place yourself in the Transactions table and launch the Print command form the File menu
  • from the Account1 menu click on the Print journal by period command; in this case you should then indicate if you wish to print the whole table or just a specific period

The information on the Period tab are explained in detail in the Period page of the General settings.

In the Sort column tab in is possible to choose the criteria the journal should be sorted and printed.


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