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The release of February 1, 2022 adds new and important functions to the application which are listed below.

What's new

Edit Invoice dialog

Edit invoice dialog

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Settings tab

The new Settings tab lets you set the initial values for new invoices and estimates, and select which fields are visible in the Invoice tab.

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New possibility of switching between different views of the invoice, from a general view to a more detailed one.

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Prefix and P.O.Box

The fields Prefix (Courtesy), Address extra and P.O.Box have been added to the customer's address

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Custom fields (Advanced plan - Beta 2)

You can define and add custom fields to the invoice.

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Item date (Advanced plan)

You can enter an item's date, useful for example if you want to indicate the date on which invoiced work were executed.

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Item discount (Advanced plan)

You can enter a discount for each item, both as amount or as percentage.

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Multi-line and bold texts

You can enter multi-line texts or bold texts for the item description.
Multi-line texts and bold texts are also possible within the invoice Begin text and End text fields.

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Unit price and Quantity with 4 or more decimals

You can enter unit prices and quantities with 4 or more decimals.

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You can enter a deposit already paid by the client.

Settings tab

Edit invoice dialog

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Title for new estimates and invoices

You can define the title for new estimates and invoices.

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Manage views

You can select which views are enabled and change their name.

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Visible fields

You can select which fields are visible in the Invoice tab.
The option Fields not empty shows all fields that contain data.



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