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Via the Style → Attachments section you can add texts to be printed together with the report.

  • Texts are printed after the Balance sheet and Profit & Loss statement.
  • Each document begins on a new page

balance sheet attachments


All documents listed in the Documents table (Html or text format) are listed here.

  • You can change the report sequence, just by dragging the item with your mouse
  • All documents with a check mark will be printed.


A text editor will open allowing you to enter new text or edit the existing one.


Adds a new element without text.
To add plain text or Markdown documents, use the appropriate commands in the Documents table


This button will remove the selected element and its content. It's the same as removing a row from the Document table.

Add an attachment with Markdown text

  • Add a new document with Markdown text as explained on page Markdown Editor
  • Check the attachments list for the document with Markdown text.

editor Markdown


  • Printing of Markdown text is only available with the Advanced plan subscription.
  • This feature is not available in previous versions.
    If the file is open with a previous version of the Banana Accounting software, you will get a message that the file is not totally compatible.
  • If you edit this section and you press OK, in order to undo the operation you need to enter the Undo command more that once.


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