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In an accounting with VAT, in the Accounts table, it is possible to link a VAT code to the income/expense accounts, so that, when the sales and purchases are being recorded, the program automatically inserts the VAT code and completes the columns with the VAT data while entering the account number.  

In order to associate the codes:

  • Click on the Other view. In this view, the VAT code column is visible by default.
    In case you wish to display the VAT code column in the Base view, click on the Data > Columns setup command.
  • Insert the VAT codes for the income/expenses in the VAT code column. If the VAT code is inserted within square brackets, for example [V81], the VAT will only appear on issued invoices and will not be separated in the accounting records.

associate the VAT with the account
N.B: If the VAT rates have changed (refer to New VAT Rates 2024), the values entered in the VAT Code column must be updated manually. 
The same applies to the already entered transactions (in theTransactions table, VAT Code column), which must be replaced manually in each registration row (or using the Replace command to modify them all together).

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