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This section is accessed via the File → File and accounting properties menu → Other tab.

File and accounting properties - Other tab

Current language

There are some file texts that the program generates automatically, (e.g. the lines of the Totals table, the transactions on the account card, and the printout of the Enhanced balance sheet); in this tab, the user can indicate the language for these texts (usually the same as the creation language).

Creation language

This is the language chosen and selected when the user creates an accounting file; this language is used for the column headers. If the user wants to change the creation language, then it is necessary to convert the file to a new one using the Tools menu → Convert to new file command.


It is possible to indicate extensions of Banana Accounting. When the file is opened, the program will automatically install the extensions.  They can be used for templates or files that are combined with extensions. Other people who will use the file will find the commands to install the program.

The list shows all extensions that can be installed.

Extensions' keywords

Enter a keyword contained in the Banana Accounting extension. Usually these keywords are specified in the installation instructions of the extensions; most extensions don't use keywords to restrict viewing to certain files.

If a script has the @docproperties attribute, the command will be visible in the Extensions menu only for those Banana files that have set the same keyword in the Extensions field. To set multiple keywords, you need to separate them with the ; (example: datev; donations).


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