Cash Planning And Accounting Software Similar To Excel

Double-entry accounting at double speed

If You Know Excel, You Already Master Banana Accounting

Scheme Banana Accounting cash planning and accounting software similar to Excel

Fast like Excel

Entering data is very fast and intuitive, and you see all the updated balances at a glance. You can add, delete, copy and paste, edit information, or undo/redo operations at any time.

You have complete freedom and your accounting is always perfect!

Powerful accounting

You work using the General Ledger and the Journal, which allow you to do real double-entry bookkeeping. Therefore the software permits you to adapt your accounting to local tax regulations and have professional results, respecting the international standards.

In this way you always have the financial situation under control and you take effective business decisions too.

Customized financial statements

Print in an instant, and at any time of the year, great-looking customized Balance Sheets, Income Statements and a large range of reports. You are immediately ready for tax time!

The reports can be in the language you need or prefer, and include accounting data, forecast data or both together.


Cash planning and Budgeting All In One

Cash planning allows you to know at any time how much cash you'll have over the next few months and years, so you know right away if you can pay your bills. With the budget, you know exactly where your money goes, how much you spend or earn for a certain category.

In Banana Accounting, when you make the budget, you already have the cash plan done. It works just like doing the accounting! It's the most efficient way to take the best business decisions and lower financial stress.



Privacy first

Being a non-cloud software, your accounting data is always safe because only you have access to it.

Create as many files as you wish, name them and save them wherever you want: on a computer, hard disk, USB stick or on your favorite cloud. You can guarantee the privacy of your client's data.

All You Need To Manage Your Business Finances

Discover the wide range of Banana Accounting functions, designed to manage small and medium-sized businesses.

Different Applications

From basic to advanced.
Uncover all levels as your business grows.

Multi-currency & Multi-language

Manage your multi-currency accounts and
work using your preferred language.

Ready-to-use templates

Choose a template, adapt-it and
you're ready to do accounting!


Easy bills with a professional look.
Customer and supplier management.

Your data are protected

Blockchain technology.
Guaranteed data integrity.

Costs management

Manage projects and events
thanks to the cost and profit centers.

VAT management

Automatic VAT calculation and summaries.
Generate VAT reports.

Support and documentation

Great free resources
and the best support on the Internet.

Tutorial Videos For You

Find out how quick it is to get started and how to best manage your accounting by watching our Videos

The Banana Accounting system helps us to maintain day to day, monthly, quarterly and annual balance sheets for the whole hospital and for the different donors.

Bro. Paolo Rizzetto, Medical Director/Acting Administrator

Since I discovered Banana Accounting a lot has changed for me. I can comply with the requirements of the country I live in, and I can guarantee the privacy of my client's data. With Banana I reached my goals and my company is more efficient.

Yong Feng, Dubai

We use Banana for our association. We are thrilled how easy operating it is, with the Excel-like design. The support is quick and easy to reach, and answers are understandable and competent. Top program and a clear recommendation!

Ralf Volker Nitsch

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