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You can buy from any country, in you local currency (daily exchange rate)

  • Banana Accounting  9
    EUR 105.00 
    (~USD 123.00*) + taxes
    Buy: License key for Banana Accounting 9
    Perpetual License for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Update to Banana Accounting 9 from any previous version
    EUR 70.75 (~USD 76.20*) + taxes
    Go to the Updates page.


  • Our international shop is managed by our partner Share-it (more information). On the credit card statement you will see a charge from the company Digital River GmbH.
  • Different payment options are available (credit card, bank transfer, Paypal) and different currencies.
  • Prices are intended without local taxes. In some countries the Local VAT will be added. *Prices will vary based on the daily exchange rate with EUR.
  • Perpetual license is forever, no annual license fee.

Once the transaction is completed you will receive by email the Banana Accounting license key. 
The Banana Accounting software can be downloaded from our download page.
Enter you license key it in the Banana Accounting software (see how).

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