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    Free Airbnb template for income and expenses management: ideal also for and Vrbo

    Cash Manager

    Take a look at the template for managing income and expenses for hosts on Airbnb,, Vrbo or similar hosting platform on Banana Accounting Plus Web. Click on the Open in browser button below, then click on Start Banana Accounting Web and wait for the template to load to get an immediate idea of how it works.

    Abrir na Banana WebApp

    Abra a Banana Accounting Plus no seu navegador sem qualquer instalação. Personalize o modelo, introduza as transacções e guarde o ficheiro no seu computador.

    Open template in WebApp Open tutorial in WebApp

    Template documentation

    Manage your accommodation on Airbnb,, Vrbo or the platforms you use with this free template and keep track of your finances easily and efficiently.

    The Banana Accounting Plus template is superior to an Excel spreadsheet or a Google Sheet but avoids potential errors and time loss due to formula management. This way, you have a completely free accounting management template specifically designed for hosts.

    With Banana Accounting Plus, unlike Excel or Google spreadsheets, there are no limits on the number of rooms, apartments or houses you can manage, and it allows you to easily track income and expenses for each individual rental property and your entire short-term rental business.

    List of rented rooms or apartments in the Banana Accounting template.

    With this template, you can record and monitor all your income and expenses quickly and easily, providing you with a clear and detailed snapshot of your finances and how to optimize expenses. The accounting management template on Banana Accounting Plus offers a simple and effective way to organize and analyze all the financial data that is important for hosts.

    Here are some of the key features and benefits of the free accounting management template:

    • Easy to use: the template is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, even for those who are not accounting experts. No technical skills or in-depth knowledge of Excel spreadsheets are required to use it. Banana Accounting also has extensive online documentation in multiple languages readily available.
    • Startup budget: create, manage and update the budget of your startup to generate detailed and useful reports and forecasts for the success of the business.
    • Income tracking: record all income generated from bookings, including payments from platforms, booking fees and reimbursement of cleaning expenses for rooms, apartments or houses, with all the necessary tracking details.
    • Expense management: keep track of all expenses associated with your properties, such as utilities, cleaning, maintenance and supplies. Choose the level of detail you prefer for each expense associated with your rental properties. Add, edit, group and customize expenses you want to monitor without limitations.
    • Track rental property information: easily track guest names, rented room, apartment or house, check-in and check-out dates, total nights stayed, number of guests per booking, the source of guests' bookings and payment dates from platforms.
    • Automatic calculations: the template performs calculations automatically for you, without the potential errors of Excel or Google Sheet formulas, providing a clear overview of your cash flow, profits and expenses for your entire business or for a single room, apartment or house you manage.
    • Detailed reports: generate comprehensive and professional financial reports, including profit and expense statements, balance sheets and more. These reports will help you make informed decisions and have detailed control over your finances.
    • Manage hosting platform Experiences: easily and quickly manage the Experiences you offer on Airbnb, Vrbo or other similar platform.
    • Customizable: the template can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. You can add custom categories, modify, group and personalize all the details you want to monitor according to your preferences.
    • Privacy: it's important to note that the data entered into Banana Accounting is not used for commercial purposes. Your information remains confidential, offline and is not repurposed in any way.

    This free template for income and expense accounting management for hosts managing their short-term rental properties simplifies the management of your finances, saves you valuable time, and provides you with a clear and comprehensive overview of your income and expenses professionally.

    Banana Accounting is a highly versatile and customizable accounting software that can be used for broader accounting purposes beyond managing hosts on Airbnb,, Vrbo and other hosting platforms.

    Totally free

    This template is based on the Cash Manager feature of Banana Accounting Plus, which can be used for free and without limitations with the free subscription plan.

    Create and save the file

    You can open and save your new file to start either through Banana Accounting Plus Web or by downloading and installing the software on your computer:

    • Download and install Banana Accounting Plus.
    • Click on File > New.
    • Select Cash Manager.
    • Search for the Category Business.
    • Select the template "Income and expenses management template for Airbnb or similar platforms".
    • Click on Create.

    Software dialog that shows where to create a new file for free Airbnb income and expenses management template

    If you click on the text "More info...", you will be directed to this specific documentation page for the template. On this page, you can always find the tutorial file including sample records.

    Using the command File > File Properties, set your references, the accounting period with opening, closing dates and the base currency. In the Address section, fill in the fields for the entity managing the rental properties. If necessary, change the base currency of the accounting file in the Accounting section.

    Dialogue about the properties of the short-term rental template with Airbnb or similar online platforms.

    With the command File > Save As, save the file. It is useful to include the name of your business and the year in the file name. For example, "BusinessName-2023.ac2".

    Also, refer to the article on organizing accounting files locally, on a network, and in the cloud.

    Banana Accounting Plus Web Access

    When you have downloaded and saved your new accounting file to open and use it from the web, you can bookmark the following link to access Banana Accounting Plus Web. However, it is recommended to download and install Banana Accounting Plus on the computers where it is needed, because Banana Accounting Plus Web does not yet have all the features available.

    Create the budget

    With Banana Accounting Plus, you can easily create a startup budget for your new short-term rental business on Airbnb,, Vrbo and other platforms, and forecast all the costs you'll need to deal with. Consult all the relevant documentation on how to create a budget with Banana Accounting for detailed information.

    Table of Banana Accounting software to manage the budget for short-term rental business with Airbnb.

    Customize and categorize expenses

    If you prefer, you can group similar costs into categories and maintain the detail for each type of expense:

    • Properties costs: mortgage payments, repairs and insurance coverage.
    • Initial setup expenses: spending on furniture and household utensils.
    • Bills: electricity, gas and water expenses.
    • Supplies: expenses for items like linens, toiletries and cleaning products.
    • Business expenses: costs related to accounting, software and taxes.
    • Other costs: payments for cleaners, laundry services and ads.

    See how you can easily create accounts groups.

    Table of Banana Accounting software with customizable expense categories for hosts on Airbnb,, VRBO, or other online platforms.

    Recording transactions

    In the Transactions table, record all transactions in chronological order, including debtor payments and invoice payments, as well as other types of transactions. The recordings can always be sorted and viewed instantly. You can highlight rows, correct any mistakes and copy and paste previously entered transactions.

    To expedite data entry, we suggest using the various features of Banana:

    Bank transactions import

    You can import bank statements, eliminating the need for manual entry.
    Additionally, with the Advanced plan, it also allows for easy management of rules to automate accounting according to your specified criteria. This significantly reduces the effort required for accounting management, resulting in unmatched time savings.

    Print financial statements or accounting reports

    To view and print the financial statements at any time, click on the Report menu > Enhanced financial statements with groups. You can customize them or have an accounting report for a specific period.

    Obtain detailed and customizable reports on all expenses and revenues of your business with Airbnb. You can compare them with the budget to always keep track of the performance of your startup.

    Balance on expenses and revenues from rentals with Airbnb and other platforms compared to the budget.

    If you manage multiple rooms, apartments or rental properties, you can keep track of expenses and revenues allocated to each individual property you rent. You can also create room-specific budgets and compare the results with the actual expenses and earnings whenever you want.

    Balance on expenses and revenues from rentals with Airbnb and other platforms, divided by room or rented apartment.

    Advanced management

    If you want, you can manage your Airbnb business in an advanced and optimized way through the rental management view called Manage Rentals. This allows you to keep track of all the necessary information about the reservations you receive. For those who offer Airbnb Experiences, there is the experiences management view, called Manage Experiences, available to track guest bookings related to experiences.

    Navigate between the various available views to keep all the relevant data under control.

    Windows view of the advanced management of airbnb business

    Questions or specific requests

    Do you have any questions or specific requests regarding this template for Airbnb hosts or other short-term rental platforms? Please e-mail us.

    Sample records for managing income and expenses for Airbnb hosts or other hosting platforms

    Here are the sample accounting records for this template.

    Recording an Airbnb or other platform revenue transaction

    Record revenue from online platforms such as Airbnb, where you receive booking fees, with the preferred breakdown of the collected amounts and platform commissions. If you want, keep track of the ad from which the guest made the reservation, the check-in and check-out dates, the number of guests for the booking, the booked nights, the room or flat rented and the date of payment from the online platform.

    To print the receipt to be given to the guest upon arrival, enter the receipt number in the Doc column and use the designated printer extension. You can also attach the receipt to the corresponding revenue record using the Link column.

    Recording Airbnb revenue on the Banana Accounting template.

    Recording an expense for your short-term rental business

    Record the expenses you incur for your Airbnb business by indicating the date of the expense, a description of the purchase, the amount incurred, the expense category, and the room or flat associated with your monetary outflow. You can always attach your receipts using the Link column.

    Recording an expense of the Airbnb host on the Banana Accounting template.


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